Global Alliance – SAI International School & Winterbourne International Academy Student/ Teacher Exchange Visit 2015

_DSC09832015 brought about a unique exchange experience between both schools as SAI International School started the visit during the 2nd week of October. 4 students and 2 teachers visited Winterbourne International Academy and  were hosted by WIA students and teachers. They spent 6 days in Bristol and 3 Days in London.


Winterbourne reciprocated the visit from Oct 26-Nov 1. During their stay at SAI International School they visited many sights in Bhubaneswar and the surrounding area including Konark Temple, Konark Beach and Dholi Peace Pagoda.

_DSC0797 _DSC0805_DSC0806

_DSC0395  _DSC0405 _DSC0365

A school tour and Special Assembly was also highlighted during WIA’s stay. SAI students introduced their UK guests and spoke about their experience in UK. Winterbourne showed a presentation about their school and local community and two student preformed an electric guitar and trumpet solo to the delight of the entire SAI student body.

_DSC0527 _DSC0511 _DSC0531 _DSC0537 _DSC0474 _DSC0486

_DSC0552 _DSC0663 _DSC0648 _DSC0606

The Winterbourne Group had an in depth meeting with the School Leadership Team including the Chaiman, Dr. B. K Sahoo, Principal, Harish Sanduja and Vice Princiapal Nilikantha Panigrahi. Laying out concrete plans towards future collaborative projects and finalizing their community service project with Sri Harsha Memorial School for the Deaf.

_DSC0576 _DSC0568

The community service project with SAI and WIA students bring in a major change in the lives of 150 students and teachers of the Sri Harsha Mishra Memorial School for the Deaf located in Patia. Both the international partner schools have been helping the school with children with hearing and speech impairment, for the last three years to help them get a better life and nurture their wishes and interests. This year both the schools decided to help their counterparts in enriching their infrastructural facilities and developing their technical skills and education for their future. The students and teachers raised funds to buy a whole set of computer system backed with over head projector, screen ,webcam and printer along with the required materials to educate them with the computer skills for their employability standards in future. CCTV cameras will be installed in the girls’ hostel for their security. A whole range of Kitchen appliances to help them get better food is also arranged.

_DSC0428 _DSC0482


_DSC0323 _DSC0340

_DSC0789 _DSC0726 _DSC0731

The students also delivered lessons on Maths, History and Geography to the students of Sri Harsha and presented educational resources for the primary students as well.

_DSC0508 _DSC0174 _DSC0171 _DSC0154 _DSC0529 _DSC0541 _DSC0549 _DSC0133

The Chairman of SAI Int’l School Dr Bijoy Kumar Sahoo was highly pleased with the excellent venture of the students of both SAI and WIA and extended his interest to take the community service project further to another level for the cause of the development of the special needs students. The teachers and students of SAI and WIA, UK were extremely excited and expressed their solidarity for their counterparts who are not as privileged like them.

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