International Day of Service

meeting to discuss the activities we planned on doing

A Compassionate Sojourn: 

At SAI International School, our students recognize that the privilege of a good education comes with a responsibility to help others and it is one of the prime reasons that observing International Day of Service is an integral part of the ethos of the school. This day focuses not only on students providing service to the community and to the marginalized, but also gives our students the chance to learn about human values of compassion, empathy, mutual respect and tolerance.

May 7 has been marked as an important day in the school calendar where our students will render their selfless service to inmates of Open Learning System, a school for special needs students. A group of 30 students along with the two Coordinators from the school left for a day with an experience of a lifetime. A lot of activities were planned for the students like play dough, photo booth, art and craft and music and dance. Juice, Biscuits, Chocolates, T-shirts, soft toys and a lot of learning materials were a part of the big donation drive organized by the Going Global and Interact Club of SAI. The students’ whole heartedly donated for this noble initiative and thanked the school for this opportunity of rendering selfless service to God’s special children.

We bid the students our byes with the promise of returning again and spending quality time and forging strong bonds.



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