No Hating Zone – International Youth Day 2016


To mark the occasion of International Youth Day and spread awareness on Anti Discrimination, the young SAIoneers have started a campaign to bring to light and voice against the societal taboos and stigmas that inflict pain and sufferings in individual as well as society. Symbolically launched on the date of Independence in the social media on Monday, August 15, 2016, this campaign intends to free oneself from all the taboos and stigmas that impede your growth.

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It has triggered tremendous response from the youth mass all over the globe, endorsing the cause. Citing their personal experiences, the students have uploaded various photographs and videos giving out a strong message.


“I am SHORT, but my height has nothing to do with my identity. It doesn’t matter what size you are on the outside. I will still reach heights that could never be imagined” voices Yatan Bathwal in his Facebook account.


“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that” wrote Rohit Choudhury from Bangalore in his account, supporting the “No Hating Zone’ campaign launched by the Going Global and Interact Club members of SAI International School.

Students produced a video supporting the campaign and received over 1,000 views with in the first 5 days after upload. This process took a week of filming and editing.



Each year students design T-shirts that support the cause and the entire team wears it to a 2 hour event…this years T-shirt was a big hit. No hate badges were also designed and sold to raise funds to support the campaign. Event posters were placed all over the school inviting the school to attend the event.

In lieu with the essence of International Youth Day of involving the youth in making positive contributions to the community, every year SAIoneers celebrate this day by spreading awareness on different issues. This year, the Day was observed in Pal Heights, Bhubaneswar on Saturday, August 27, 2016 from 2pm to 4pm. Through thematic skits, band performances and dances, the students  sensitize the public on societal taboos and stigmas. With an audience of over 600 people and programme of 120 SAI students and teacher coordinators, successful is to small of a word…..SPECTACULAR is more like it!!!

The skits were based on coping with acid attacks and discrimination about physical attributes like body shaming, gender, skin colour, physical appearance etc. This was followed with an interactive session with the public, who shared their opinion and experience in the platform.

The campaign is still growing and has being recognized on Instagram as well!


Join the Campaign and upload a black and white photo with NO HATE written on Facebook, write your story about hate and don’t forget to #nohate it and nominate 10 people to do the same and post on our the official Facebook page:

Here are some of our supporters from Bhubaneswar to Pune to Mumbai to USA-

The #NOHATE campaign reached  33, 342 people in 3 weeks and still going !!!





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