Australia Calling

SAI International School hosted assistant teachers from Melbourne, Australia. They spent the entire day conducting nutrition workshops with students from class VIII – XI.


As registered dietitian nutritionists they provided safe, evidence-based dietary advice, and information about interaction of nutrients and other substances in food. They also spoke about healthy food intake, absorption, assimilation, biosynthesis, and its effect on ones anatomy.

Students had the opportunity to participate in conversations about Australia as well. Topics included Australian wildlife, food habits, forms of entertainment and renowned places in Australia.

The entire programme was coordinated by Dr. Ron Harper, Managing Director, Centurion Globe in accordance with Centurion University, Camberwell Australia. Dr. Harper will be continuing future collaboration with SAI International School in regards to future exchange visit to Australia in October, 2017. We look forward to a long a beneficial partnership with Centurion University over the next few years. Not only as visitors to Australia but as host in India.

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