Gombe Institutions, Uganda and SAI International School…a Budding Global Partnership


SAI International School always propagates global education and forward thinking on an international scale. As a global institutional leader it is our duty to share best practices with schools in other countries on the brink of instructive growth.  As part of our Global Immersion Programme to 7 countries, SAI International School has partnered with Gombe Group of Institutions located in Kampala, Uganda. This unique cluster of schools including a pre- primary, junior and high school are also on the lookout for educational improvements and have requested SAI International School to help them in institutional improvements through teacher training, exchange of ITC in the classroom, collaborative classroom activities and future training sessions in each other’s respective country. This year Gombe School principals and instructional Leaders have personally visited the school on two separate occasions. Once in June for our annual Model United Nations SAIMUN, 26 school heads and students visited SAI Intentional and took part in the MUN. During their visit they shared first hand their culture through dance, music, art and home visits with our students and their families.


In November two more staff visited from Gombe Day Care and Pre -Nursery. They stayed for 6 days in which they facilitated classroom activities and observations, storytelling through music and strengthened bonds between both institutions. Along with classroom activities Ms. Norah and Ms Viola help with the completion of two International School Award Projects including International Story  Exchange and  Music and Noise. They taught and entire tradition Song in Luganda (the national language of Uganda) called Njabala, about a young girl who was extremely lazy. SAI students also enjoyed learning to greet each other in Luganda. New words included Olyotya (How are you?) and the response was Bulungi ( I am Good).

They also procured items for SAIONEER EXIM the schools students import and export company. Items such as traditional Ugandan earnings, bracelets and pouches were brought and Indian items like Kurtis and Stoles were sent in reciprocation to be taken back to Ugandan and sold. A visit to Konark Temple was also on the agenda and our guest had a wonderful time learning about the rich heritage of Odisha.

In Sept, 2016 SAI International School signed a Partnership Agreement with Gombe Group of Institutions and plans on growing this partnership through continued all school mentoring, collaborative international projects and annual teachers exchange visits.



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