GIP – Uganda: continued collaboration with Gombe Group of Institutions SAIMUN 2017

IMG_7932SAI International School continues to grow links and relations with its Ugandan counterpart, Gombe Group of Institution which is a composition of three schools including Scooby –Doo Pre-School and Nursery, Gombe Junior School and St Andrew Kaggwa Gombe High School all located in the capital city of Kampala. This year during SAIMUN 2017 SAI hosted 17 students from class V – XI , three teachers and the Principal of St. Andrew Kaggwa Gombe High School. During their stay they did a range of activities and completed four International School Award Activities with SAI ANGAN.

DAY 1: the group arrived at 9am at Biju Patnaik International Airport and they were greeting warmly by the International Coordinator of the School Jessica Patnaik. After a short drive to the school they eat some breakfast and then headed to the Hostels to freshen up, returning to the school to conduct a Special Assembly at SAI Angan the pre-primary part of the school. They followed this with a quick Indian lunch and a meet and greet session with the Jr. Going Global Club were students from Gombe met the host students from SAI International School. Then the entire group headed to the hostel for the evening and an early sleep.

After the assembly the Gombe Team met their hosts from the Going Global Club. Each Gombe student introduced themselves to the Club and paired up with their SAI host.

DAY 2 : was filled with activities including a trip to The Weavers Society in Sahid Nagar and Happy Hours Pre – School for performances and cultural sharing of dance forms and songs of India and Uganda.

The Gombe Jr. students participated in the ISA Activitiy 6 Nachele which is a an exchange of traditional dance forms of India and Uganda. SAI students performed Odissi hand postures and taught their meanings.

3:00pm – 4:30pm the participated in an Art Workshop (making Rangoli) in the art lab with Saista ma’am .IMG_7901

While the the Junior group participated in the art activity the Seniors of class X -XII attended a MUN workshop with SAIMUN, Chief Adviser, learning the lingo and MUN technicalities so they could prepare to participate.

DAY 3 : Gombe Junior perform during a all school Special Assembly. PPT presentation about Gombe Group of Institutions was given by Miss Catherine. Studnets performed a traditional Ugandan dance form.

DAY 4 : Gombe Group had a full day as the opening act for the SAIMUN Opening Ceremony. Then the afternoon was outing with host families.

DAY 5 : Consisted of and ALL DAY TRIP to the famous city of Puri. Gombe students, SAI students and our guests from AIESEC visited the Puri beach and participated in a local craft workshop. They learnt about the handicrafts of Odisha and had a on site experience of how each craft is created and the history about it. They had the unique opportunity to learn from the masters themselves.


DAY 6 : Gombe Students were the closing act for the Closing Ceremony of SAIMUN. They also presented during the Global Village about Uganda, their school  and their culture.


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