International Youth Day 2017 #YOUTH4PEACE


Students of SAI International School coordinated their annual International Youth Day Fest on Sept 25th the day after they completed all their half yearly exams.

They planning started in August when students launched a social Media campaign and worked endlessly on a PSA video called “youthforpeace”

Link you Youth For Peace PSA video

The preparation included the infamous International Youth Day T-shirt and Badge designs



To render their contribution in achieving the 2030 agenda of Sustainable Development Goal 16, on building peaceful, just and inclusive societies, students of SAI International School observed International Youth Day with the theme Youth4Peace. SAI students aligned with the Global Youth Movement for Peace to be part of the Global community to work together towards bringing in a social transformation and making the World a better place through peace and harmony. As peace and security is critical for sustainable development, SAI students posted inspiring messages on social media and connected with enthused youths to strengthen and widen their reach to spread awareness on the importance of peaceful society.


This cohort of dynamic youngsters tried to inspire people through a power packed skit and a meaningful dance performance at Pal Heights on Monday, September 25, 2017.


One of the onlooker, Sachin Patel, a retired teacher opined that “it is really wonderful to see the enthusiastic kids on such a noble mission. As a 67 year old man, I feel motivated to form a group and propagate peace.” Minakshi Pati, a housewife shared that, “no doubt building a peaceful society is next to impossible, but yes if youth force take up the mission, it can have a positive catalyzing effect.”

Every year SAIoneers celebrate the International Youth Day by spreading awareness in public on different social issues like Anti-Bullying, Gender Equality, Anti Corruption, No Smoking, No Hating Zone, etc.


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