Embedded Partnership with Churchdown Village Infants School, Gloucester UK

IMG_1083SAI Angan ( the Pre- Primary Branch of SAI International School) has had a long standing partnership with Churchdown Village Infants School, Gloucester UK. We Annual conduct a well rounded teacher exchange programme that included not only includes Continued Professional Development but the unique opportunity to engulfed oneself into the others culture and life style. Our partnership started in 2009 with a signed partnership agreement that covers everything from global citizenship to exchange of language and culture. Even teachers and staff trainings have been incorporated over the years that cover topics like inclusive classroom involvement and students assessment techniques. This year it was an honour to host we hosted Gemma Western and Georgia Southwell. Our focus during their visit was exclusively ion ISA Activities. This year SAI Angan will be submitting their ISA Dossier and applying for the British Council International School Award 2018 – 2021. Our guest teachers from the UK helped us complete five ISA Projects.

Day one was joyous and both Gemma and Georgia were greeted at the grand entrance of SAI Angan with a Traditional Indian Welcome .

With big smiles they proceeded to the Auditorium where all of class II were waiting for them.  Class II had prepared a special assemble with a dance, word and though of the day followed by a presentation lead by Gemma and Georgia bout their school and it activities. After a quick question answer session with the students about the difference and similarities found in both SAI Angan and Churchdown Village Infant School.  Gemma proceeded to read “The Gruffallo” by the famous British author Julia Donaldson. Gemma rendition was full of flavor and voice modulation and truly entertained the students.

The Special Assembly was followed by ISA Activity 1 “Grandparents Playground” which is an exchange of tradition games from UK, India, USA and Uganda. Gemma and Georgia learned The Lion and the Mouse and the Cat and the Rat sent be our partner school in Uganda. They shared three traditional games including Stuck in the mud, Bull Dog and the cross continental Duck Duck Goose. In reciprocation SAI Angan teachers taught our UK guest Pittu a traditional outdoor Indian game.

SAI Angan teachers and students teaching Pittu to our UK guests.

Our Uganda partner school sent us two games one called  “The Lion and the Mouse” and the “Cat and the Rat.

The Cat and the Rat – traditional game taught to us by our Ugandan partner school Gombe Junior School during their visit in July. Students would first play the games and then our teachers would play them with our UK guests.  The remainder of the day was spent at Khandegiri Caves learning about the the history of Bhubaneswar.

On the second day they taught a few UK traditional games to our SAI Angan students as mentioned earlier.

On the third day the ISA Activity switched the Activity 4 – Ek, Do, Teen.. with class KG I. Gemma and Goergia went form section to section teaching and learning counting rhymes in English and learning counting rhymes in Hindi and Luganda.

SAI T.V. Interview with Ms Gemma Western and Georgia Southwell teachers from Churchdown Village Infants School, Gloucester United Kingdom:


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