Great Kindness Challenge 2018

This year SAI International School participated in the Great Kindness Challenge by distributing 1,840+ Acts of Kindness Checklists to all the students of classes KG I – V. Students have to complete as many of the 50 Acts of Kindness in one weeks time they can.

Students of Class I – II completing some of the acts of kindness in class with their friends and classmates. Teachers were asked to submit a few pictures from each section and here are the amazing results

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KG II students took the Acts of Kindness List home and completed them with their families. They were asked to submit photo of them completing the acts at home. We received a tremendous response take a look at this amazing slideshow. SAI would like to thanks parents for sending in these remarkable pictures and take the time to teach our child the act of being kind.

 Great Kindness Challenge Community Impact : 120,820 completed acts of kindness by our SAIONEERS

TOP 10 Completed Acts of Kindness 

#1 – 46,150 Smiles Shared

#2 – 19,500 Good Mornings Said

#3 – 9,330 Compliments Given

#4 – 9,230 Decorated Hearts Distributed

#5 – 1,846 Thank yous said

#6 – 1,840 High Fives Given

#7 – 1,830 New Kindness Acts Created

#8 – 1,625 New Friendships Made

#9 – 1,236 Wishes made for a Child in Another Country

#10 – 530 Happy Dances Danced

Class V students speak about their favorite acts of kindness


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