“Once Upon a Time” International Storytelling Week @ SAI Angan

Int'l Story telling week 2018International Storytelling Week is a long time tradition at SAI International School that started in 2012. Each year during this week students read stories, perform skits, participate in book themed activities including creative writing and learn about different children’s book authors from all over the world. This year SAI Angan read four books from authors in the United Kingdom, Scotland, Canada and Northern Ireland. Students from classes KG II – III completed “The Darkest Dark “ by Canadian Astronaut, Chris Hadfield, “The Gruffalo” by UK Author Julia Donaldson, “Stuck” by Oliver Jeffers, Irish Author, “Owl Babies” by Martin Waddell and illustrated by Patrick Benson both Scottish Authors.

Jan 29-30 SAI Angan students of Class I and Class II completed one of the four children’s books that will be read during the next few days during International Storytelling Week. The name of the book is “The Darkest Dark” by Chris Hadfield, a Canadian Astronaut and Author. The book address a common fear of most children, the dark, and what might be looming there. This exercise was designed for kids to think about their fears and come up with creative ways to overcome them. Class I students created rockets like the one made by the main character of he book using different shapes. Class II completed a Creative writing worksheet describing their fear of the dark and how they are able to overcome it. Then they were asked to draw a picture of the monster that keeps them awake at night if they have one. The details given by the students about their fears and how they are able to overcome them made us proud.

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January 31 & & February 1 : The next book covered was “The Gruffalo” by Julie Donaldson, a British author. During Churchdown Village Infants School visit Miss Gemma read The Gruffalo to students of class I & II in a special assembly. A poster making session followed with all the main characters, students split into groups and coloured each character and made a colorful poster. The Gruffallo is about a cleaver mouse that out smarts its advisories by telling them about a beast called the Gruffalo that is coming to meet him. Moral is that always keep your wits about you even when facing your enemies.

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Storytelling Session with Miss Gemma from Churchdown Village Infants School 

February 1 – 2 : Book number three, “Stuck” by Oliver Jeffers was completed by Class I students. The book takes a look at problem solving and using your common sense in a practical way. It uses humor in a way that is very child friendly.  The activity work sheet concentrated on memory enhancement and creative problem solving.

February 2 – 3 : Book number four was read by all sections of KG II . It is called “Owl Babies”by Martin Waddell and Patrick Benson. The book tells the story of three babies owl alone in the night without their mom.  It is a lighthearted story that touches on the topic of being separated from your mom. Separation from mom is a real challenge for students at this age. Students then made craft Owls out of different materials and in many different ways. They made then out of modeling clay, they coloured them, glued them together out of waste materials, they even made owl puppets. The completed crafts were placed on the display board.

Owl Babies Storytelling Session with KG – II Students

Please visit the international Storytelling webpage view these books and related activities along with many others

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