Women in Journalism: BBC Reporter Sue Nelson visits SAI


Eminent British Journalist and BBC reporter visited SAI International School. This is an initiative of the British Council. Ms Nelson gave a lecture on the topic Going Back to the Moon – A Journalist’s Perspective.

Sue Nelson is an award winning British journalist and broadcaster. As part of Boffin Media, she produces documentaries for BBC Radio, co-presents the Space Boffins podcast and makes short films on science and space. Her ESA TV films for the European Space Agency helped explain the Rosetta and ExoMars missions to a worldwide audience, while her radio documentary ‘Songs from Space’ supported the film director Richard Curtis’s Project Everyone, for raising awareness of the United Nations’ global goals for sustainability.

Sue Nelson  has made several BBC radio documentaries about the Moon and covers some of the key players involved, why they want to go there, and how one entrepreneur has a genuine property claim for a part of the lunar surface. Ms. Nelson spoke on eminent British Science Journalist, Space journalists and their viewpoint on diversified areas related to Moon. She gave an interesting and vivid chronological description on the visit to moon and spoke about the renewed race all over the globe to get back to the Moon. She also shared the story angle for a space journalist like business, environment, ethics, Science & Technology, Travel, Psychology, Medical and Equal rights.

Short Clip – Sue Nelson asked the question “Is the Moon for sale?”

Short Clip – Sue speaks about her documentary on Samantha Cristoforetti European Space Agency Astronaut.

Memorable moments indeed!



Quick Selfie with Class XII Science Students


The senior students and the Science teachers of the school along with invited media persons attended the session and interacted with Ms Sue Nelson.

THANKS SUE NELSON – we really enjoyed your talk it was inspiring and informative !

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