German Language Workshop @ SAI


SAI International School has a long history of working with the German Consulate. This year we are looking to  introduce the German Language into the school as a 3rd Language.  Ms. Anita Mitra, Educational Cooperation Officers Goethe-Institutions/Max Mueller Bhavan, German Consulate and  Ms. Mitra discussed the introduction of German into the school and school’s linkage between SAI International School and Schools in Germany. It was an interactive meeting as well as a session for the students of class V in the Work Shop Room of the School.

Activities included basic German language lessons in numbers, colours, animals and even a few verbs. Students also learned how to introduce themselves in German.

German is one of the top 5 languages spoken in the world. Almost 185 million people across the globe speak German. It’s a very easy language to be understood and written. A flourishing future career is one of the most important motivators for foreign language learning.

INTRODUCING YOURSELF – “Mien name ist“ (My name is), “Wie ist dien name?” (What is your name? and the phrase “Ich komme aus Indien” (I am from India)


COUNTING IN GERMAN (forwards and backwards) and Learning Colours 

NAMES OF ANIMALS including Dolphin, Tiger, Elephant and Giraffe 

Students also learnt about the benefits of learning the German language. SAI International School plans on sending students to Sri Lanka this summer to attend a seven day German Language camp for German learners from all over Asia.

“Donke Sehr” (Thank You) Anita and Ms. Mitra and Max Mueller for the wonderful workshop. We are looking forward to your next visit.


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