AFS Training for Teachers Inter-Cultural Learning


AFS Inter-Cultural Learning Workshop @ SAI International School was conducted on January 6 & 8, 2019, as part of the AFS Intercultural Program. Twenty-nine teachers of the school undertook the first level of training which was held on the topic ‘Intercultural Learning’. It was conducted by Ms. Sarita Badhwar, Consultant AFS India.

This training fulfilled one of the basic requirements to become an AFS Member School. This membership will grant us opportunities in the form of long term and short term exchange programmes around the globe fro our teachers and students.

In the interactive workshop, teachers learnt about the Educational Approach and the various Programs of AFS, Cognitive and learning styles emphasizing on the theory and practice of Kolb’s learning cycle, Linking Intercultural learning to realities, on what Culture is and its concepts, the values and dimensions of culture as well as its adaptation. It also focused on the importance of various communication styles and suspended judgments.

Activities included role play, debate, and forming the Inter Cultural Pyramid comprising of ideas from most important to least important depending on relevance.

The AFS training is an ongoing developmental process aimed at imparting intercultural competence. It aims to equip the teachers with skills that will enable them to work in environment filled with diversity and help them in edify students to become Global Change makers of leaders in their own field.


SAI International School looks forward to nurturing the AFS Programme in the school allowing for major growth in intercultural understanding.

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