Visit of Cambridge English Language Assessment Team

radio orange 2 ccela

Mr Ian Cawley, Global Product Manager (HE & Adult), Business & Mktg, Cambridge Assessment English, visited SAI International School on Thursday, February 28, 2019. He was accompanied by Shri Manish Puri, Head of Business Development, South Asia, CELA, Ms. Saraswathi Sudhakar, Consultant-South and East, CELA, Shri Avijeet Kundoo, British Council Head of Examinations East Zone and Shri Sayantan Ghosal, Manager, Exam Business Development, East India.

Mr. Cawley was highly impressed with the way the CELA is being conducted in SAI for many years. He presented the Exam Preparation Plaque to the Vice Chairperson Dr Silpi Sahoo. The team discussed about their fruitful association with SAI International School and SAI International Residential School (SIRS) and looks forward to work with SAI International College of Commerce (SICC).

plaque cela

Mr. Cawley appreciated the various facilities provided to students and said that “It’s an amazing school. I can’t believe the facilities here and the opportunities you have made available to your students”

science park cela

Interview with Mr. Ian Cawley, Global Product Manager , Cambridge Assessment English

It was such a pleasure meeting Mr. Cawley and learning about the development of the CELA exams as they play a big role in helping English standards increase every year in the school.

group pic cela

SAI International School looks froward to working with Cambridge Assessment English in the future and meeting Mr Cawley and his team again. Thank you for your words of appreciation, SAI School will continue  offering the best global practices to its students and Cambridge English Language Assessment is one of those practices.

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