Continued Global School Partnership with CVIS, UK

IMG_8485As part of our ongoing international teacher exchange program in partnership with Churchdown Village Infant School (CVIS), Gloucester, UK , SAI Angan hosted two teachers form UK for four days. During their stay teachers work on International School Award (ISA) activities and International Collaborative Projects (ICP) along with sharing of best teaching practices. Their visit started off with a traditional welcome by our Chairman, Dr. Bijaya Sahoo.

Followed by attending a special assembly in honour of International Women’s Day. The SAI Choir presented a beautiful song on the importance of women followed by a brilliantly choreographed dance depicting the importance of a mother. Students also presented the achievements of eminent women personalities of the country like Rani Laxmi Bai, Mother Teresa, Mary Kom, Kiran Bedi, Bachandri Pal, Lata Mangeskar, Kalpana Chawla etc. The Guest of the day, Ms. Maddie Hobbs, CVIS Teacher spoke about the significance of the Day. In her address, she said”If we look back and evaluate, we see woman had to fight agaist injustice and work even harder because they had ambition to take on roles that society thought women shouldn’t be involved in”. she added that, this day is and event that honours and celebrates the amazing things done by woman. She advised the students to work hard and believe in themselves as today’s world presents endless possibilities and resources to aid in achieving our goals and dreams. She urged the SAIoneers  to challenge themselves and try something new and pursue it through hard work and determination. She also spoke about eminent people like Ms. Marie Curie and Ms. Jane Austen who made the world proud through their achievements.

Video of International Women’s Day Special Assembly @ SAI

After the assembly The CVIS teachers participated in a International Curriculum Project called birds of a feather both SAI Angan and CVIS showed presentations about the different types of birds in both respective countries including India and UK. SAI teachers spoke about the Vulture, Crow and of course the Peacock. The UK teachers spoke about Kingfishers, Swan and the Robin witch best represented the UK according to the teachers. They also told us that all the Swans in the UK are protected by the Queen so you can not harm them in anyway.

The second half of the day was spent at SAI International Residential School where our UK guest teachers participated again in an assembly about International Women’s Day and worked with class V students on their International School Award Project “Mind Your Money”. Presents were exchange on the history and symbolism of both India’s and UK’s currencies, followed by a hands on face to face question answer session which allowed SIRS students to hold the different denominations of British pounds including coins. The discussion even touched on the cost of items like bottled water in UK and India and the significant difference in the amount. Finally the UK teachers where hosted for Dinner by our Principal, Harish Sanduja and his family.

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The second Day was spent working on several ICP projects the first called “Folklore” in which students from both schools learn about the rich cultural history of different countries related to the folktale they are told. The second project they worked on was called “Amazing Animals” with KG II students. They learned about different domestic and wild animals of UK and India. This project also included a craft activity making the national bird of both UK and India. Information on three bird of each country wans exchanged. “Educational Trips” was the last ICP in which our UK teachers went with class II students to the Natural Museum of History.

Apart from this our UK guest participated in International Women’s Day at Both SAI International School and SAI International Residential School (SIRS) as part of the special assembly. They even participated in and ISA project called “Mind Your Money” at the SIRS presenting information in British Currency and learning about the history of the Indian Rupee.

A visit to a few of Bhubaneswar’s famous historic places was also scheduled, including a trip to the Dhauli Peace Pagoda and Market One Building for shopping. They also spent an entire day visiting Pipli, the Konark Temple and Konark Beach where they watch the sun go down. Besides activities during school hours the teachers were hosted by the Pre- primary teachers for Dinner every evening.

SAI Angan will be sending a pre – primary teacher to visit Churchdown Village Infant School this June giving our two school yet another chance to continue developing our embedded global partnership of 9 years.

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