GLOBAL VILLAGE 2019-bringing the world together under a common platform

The Global Village at the #SAIMUN 2019 witnessed participation from the international Delegates with zest and energy. They all believed that the journey of SAIMUN had been an intriguing and an interesting one. The Delegate from Ghana taught the traditional dance to the students while the delegates from Saudi Arabia gave a presentation about their country’s culture, tradition, beliefs, values and practices. The USA Delegate amazed by the Indian culture spoke about her country to all the Delegates. The SAIoneers had a musical band with Beat Boxers to entertain the Delegates.It was a stimulating extravaganza that provided an enriching educational experience to all the national and international delegates present in #SAIMUN 2019.

Each year the decoration committee decides on what items to use for decoration. A backdrop is designed as well. it depends on the students coordinating that year and what they want to do.

During their visit the International Delegates visit SAI students take them to the prominent tourist destinations and famous places of interest in the local area including Kalabhoomi (Odisha Craft Museum), Khandagrhi Caves and Peace Pagoda to name a few.

A warm traditional greeting is given to our international guests. We also host a large group of students from our adopted school Sri Harsha Memorial School for the Deaf who attend the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and workshop designed by the international guests. The deaf students also visit some of the local places of interest with the international delegates as well.

Our international guest present about their countries and if they want teach some sort of dance or share about their culture and lifestyle. This year we hosted guests from Ghana and the United States of America. Both Guest presented about their country and our Ghana guest taught a traditional Ghana dance form called the Adowa dance which is performed at ceremonies such as marriage, naming ceremony, funerals and festivals etc.

The entire show was hosted an anchored by the Going Global Club of SAI International School. They also performed and shared some of their amazing talents.

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