International Dimension in Schools (IDS), British Council

L032 IDS_Final-2020-23-02

The British Council International Dimension in Schools  (IDS) which has been changed from the International School Award (in 2021) is a bench-marking scheme that accredits schools as having an outstanding level of support for nurturing global citizenship in young people and enriching teaching and learning. The IDS was introduced into the schools curriculum and SAI  in 2009 and we received our first accreditation in 2010-2013 and successfully acquired re-accreditation in 2014-2017 & 2017 – 2020 and again for 2020 -2023. This international award now has a presence in 31 countries worldwide. It is a three year accreditation focusing on the implementation of an international dimension in a schools curriculum. Key benefits of getting the IDS include – It has a positive impact on not just the students, but also the teachers and school in entirety and is a leadership challenge and fosters team building, innovation, and project management.



DOSSIER ISA 2017 cover page

Jessica Patnaik and Binati Misra, International Coordinators received the International School Award 2017 – 2020 in the outstanding category on behalf of SAI International School during the awards ceremony in New Delhi. 

← Click on the link and take a look at the completed dossier with all the projects that were completed over a years time.

link to activities BLOG  :


INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL AWARD 2014 – 2017DSC06186dossier cover page for sticker

SAI International received the coveted British Council, International School Award 2014-17 in the outstanding category. Chairman Dr Bijoy Sahoo and Trustee Smt Silpi Sahoo receive the award in a grand function at Delhi.

← Click on the link and take a look at the completed dossier with all the projects that were completed over a years time

Link to activities:


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