GIP UK 2018 New Partnerships Formed

Bhubaneswar AirportThe Global Immersion programme to UK has been an annual event since 2009 starting with teacher exchange visits to further having students engaged in partner school activities. Every year has been a new experience for all those who participated in the programme. Learning experience was always unique. On the 8th year of the student exchange programme in June 2018, a group of 07 students and a teacher had a very different experience, as this time there were two new schools that had to be visited which was exciting and also a new place to explore. Lots of ideas were bubbling in the minds of the students and also this was the first experience for all the students who were in the group.

The Saioneers had a chance to stay in a home like a family in Bath. The visit started with Norton Hill Secondary School, Bath, where students had a full day learning activity. For the entire day, each SAIoneer was paired with a student from Norton Hill who went together to attend classes like French, Physics, Geography, English, Maths and Dance. They also visited the Welton Primary School, which is part of the Midsomer Norton Schools Academy. In both the Schools, special assemblies were conducted by SAI students to showcase their school as well as the culture and tradition of India.

20180606_100457While at Bath, the team explored the various monuments in the historical City like the famous Roman Bath, Bath Abbey, Jane Austen Centre, etc. A city tour also helped the students know more about the history of the place while they saw the Pulteney Bridge, the Bath University,the Tharmae Bath Spa etc.

Students had a wonderful opportunity to get a guided tour of the Oxford University. They visited different colleges like the Balliol College, Trinity College and St John’s College. They got to see the five famous libraries like Weston, Bodleian, Magdalen, Merton and Codrington and garnered as much information they could from the guide. Visiting the Oxford University was a great learning experience for the students as it helped them to widen their knowledge on Colleges of Higher education and Renowned International Universities.

They started their tour of London with a visit to Madam Tussauds, where students had a wonderful time clicking photographs with their favourite stars, followed by visiting London Eye, which made the students spellbound witnessing the panoramic view of the city from the capsule. They also got to see the British Parliament house, the Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Trafalgar Square and the Westminster Abbey. The City tour of London gave students a highly enriching experience. The GIP team to UK had their own share of fun-filled activity at Shrek’s Adventure, which also gave them a brilliant interactive and immersive walk-through experience. A cruise ride on the river Thames was a unique experience for the students as well. There they learnt about several historical facts including the history of the seven bridges from the guide. They also got to witness the Changing the Guard ceremony outside the Buckingham Palace on their last day of their trip. Students loved the colourful spectacle and British pageantry.

GIP is one such endeavour that provides a unique learning experience for the students, bringing in a significant impact in their knowledge repository and tuning their mind-set to adapt the universal learning experience. It is an excellent method to instill independent thinking and bestow in them the confidence to build their dreams and reach their goals. The students learn a lot of life skills like adaptation to different situations, respecting other culture and also managing their own self without depending on their parents. They get ideas to plan for their higher education in a reputed global university as well.


GIP UK news paper

GIP USA 2018 California Adventure


SAI International School students participated in a 13 day trip to USA from May 27 – June 8, 2018. Visiting San Francisco, Cupertino, Yosemite National Park and Los Angeles. Please find below all the details of the trip from the students themselves. This was a complete California Adventure that included Cable Cars, The Golden Gate Bridge, Google, Facebook, Pier 39, Sutro Bathes, Cupertino Mayor’s Office, The Griffith Observatory, Hollywood Walk of Fame, Disneyland, Universal Studios……and much much more!

Report May 27 & 28 – by Rajnandini & Deeksha

We all met at the airport around 3PM got our bag tags and yellow caps. We spent some time with our parents and Chairman Sir arrived and instructed us about what to do and how to behave during the trip. Then he briefly instructed us about the places we were going to visit in USA. We took many group pics with Chairman Sir. Then we bid goodbye to our parents and Chairman Sir. After taking blessings from our parents we checked in our luggage and boarded the flight to Kolkata. We landed in Kolkata then waited at the airport taking pics,listening to music,talking to friends and playing UNO, we went for immigration and waited for our turn in the long queue. Then we collected our boarding passes and went for dinner and boarded the flight to Hong Kong. After reaching Hong Kong we exchanged currency and had our breakfast at BURGER KING and rested at the airport. After that we all spent our time talking to our parents, friends and our mobile phones.Then again we went for immigration,standing and waiting for our turns in the long queue.After a long flight we finally arrived at San Francisco. After immigration we headed towards the exit of the airport where Jessica ma’am was already there to welcome us.

From there we went to an Indian restaurant for lunch in a bus booked by school.After lunch we checked in to the La Quinta Inn.We freshens and went to sleep for a few hours.Then we went for dinner and then had a group meeting and were asked to go to sleep.

Report May 29 – by Mayurakshi, Kriti and Lavanya

Our day started with an alarm beeping in our ears and phones receiving texts telling us to wake up. We woke,freshened up and went down for breakfast. The breakfast spread was actually quite satisfying. Waffles, scrambled eggs, bread and butter and everything one would like as breakfast. After that, we climbed onto our raspberry bus and went on to our first stop…The Palace Of Fine Arts. It was beautiful. It had Greek and Roman architecture. It totally gave out a British vibe. There were gargoyles of woman facing towards the palace, which is quite surprising cuz it’s usually the opposite. We debated quite a lot on it. After our intense discussion of woman gargoyles, we had a photo shoot.

The next stop was the golden gate bridge. It was freezing out there. The moment we reached there all of our hands and face were numb. We were literally like zombies. Again,we got to know about the bridge and what it is made up of, its history and everything.


After talking we had our lunch in an Indian restaurant, and headed out to catch a cable car. We went inside the cable car workshop. We got to know about the mechanism and the history behind cable cars. Unfortunately to our dismay none of the cars were available and we called our raspberry bus to take us to the Maritime museum. We now know that pirates of the carribeam was for a reason. We then went to the beach nearby. The water was freezing cold and  no one would even stand near it. But some local people started swimming. So we build up our couragee to walk and put our feet into the ocean. Guess what…..Bad idea!

After the bone chilling temperature we decided to go to Pier 39 which was walking distance from where we were standing. Turns out….the 12 min walk took an hour to reach. We stopped at every single shop we passed by. Once we reach Pier 39 we saw so many Seals basking in the sun.

The last thing we did was take dinner, where we were last to pick out our own plates. We then came back to the hotel and get the long awaited rest.

Report May 30, 2018 – by Isha and Meeru

And the alarm went off at 6 a.m.

Our day started off with a bang because we were sure, for the first time, where we were heading to. Also we were to put on our traditional clothing so that was a plus.

We got up at 6′ in the morning.( Thanks to Jessica ma’am’s call). We, after that, got ready by 7 am and started for the breakfast downstairs. After having the sumptuous breakfast, we hoped onto our tour bus and started for the Mayor of the Cupertino state’s office. To tell the truth, the views that we got to see outside the window, starting from the country roads to the misty hills, were plain breathtaking.


Next we headed for the Fremont School District. There, we gave our presentation and surely the Assistant Superintendent, Mrs Trudy Gross was pretty impressed. We got to exchange questions about our schooling systems. That was really informative.Then we went to have lunch at an Italian restaurant named Sweet tomatoes. The salads and desserts were truly great.

Our visit to Cupertino was coordinated by the Cupertino Bhubaneswar Sister City Initiative. We are proud to be apart of this programme and look forward to visiting again in October as part of a new student exchange programme. They even posted our visit on their Facebook page.

sister city

Now for the limelight event; *drumroll* National Aeronautics and Space Administration. The Ames research centre. The insides left us spellbound and the science enthusiasts who were really low in number *cough* yeah, right * cough* underwent a sudden rush of adrenaline. The interior included information about the past, current and future space missions, soveigners from outer space eg. A  Moon rock and basalt from Mars and a soveigner store from where we could bring back with us awesome memories. Sadly, like everything else, our NASA trip had to end too. Though we couldn’t visit the actual research centre the exhibit was superb. It was there that we met we met a Cupertino police officer and boy! was that cool.

Lastly we went for shopping at the Great Mall ( a Simon centre ) where we explored the huge floor for an hour. We gathered up at Starbucks at the end of the hour. Then we had our dinner at a North Indian restaurant and then we headed back to our hotel where we are still trying to sleep.

Report May 31- by Kanishk, Swastik and Devesh

We got a wake up call at around 7 am in the morning. After we got refreshed and ready we headed to have breakfast at hotel lobby after an half an hour of breakfast we sat  in the bus and headed towards Stanford University. At Stanford we had a tour of the campus and visited a sacred memorial church erected by Jane Lathrop Stanford to glory of god and in loving memory of her husband Leland Stanford After we were done visiting the church of Stanford University we headed towards our bus and were off to the Google campus.

After we reached the Google campus we met Saveen Sahni who works for Google maps. He gave us a tour of the headquarters and told us a lot many things about Google. He answered all the questions that we asked him about Google.

After we were done at the Google headquarters we headed towards an Italian restaurant ‘Pizza my heart’ and ate Italian pizza. After having  our lunch we went to our bus and Headed towards Facebook . After we reached there we took a lot of photos in front of a like (thumb) sign After our tour ended we headed towards Mr Patnaik’s house and spent time there and he even hosted us for dinner at an Italian restaurant named Maggiao’s.


After all these we were all drowsy and headed back towards hotel for sleep.

Report June 1 – by Meeru and Isha

The day started off with the alarm, in our ears, buzzing off at 7 in the morning (we couldn’t be late today). Today we were heading to the University of California, Berkley and the California Academy of Science. So we got ourselves ready by 8 a.m., devoured the complimentary breakfast downstairs in the hotel and started for the University of California, Berkeley (that’s the University of Berkeley by the way, encase you were wondering). We started at 9:25 AM, sharp. There we were warmly welcomed by Mr. Tim who inspired and motivated us (he’s a really funny man). He also answered our questions about college admissions in the US.


Next we met our tour guide of the day, Elsa, a political science major at the UC Berkeley. There, we were shown the whole campus and by God, it was astonishing. There were different buildings for every department where the students attend lectures. The greenery, the infrastructure, the campus beliefs, the libraries and the legacy of the college were all really cool. The best part? There are in total 16 elements in the periodic table that were discovered in the very campus of the college. Eg. Berkelium (get it?) , Californium (very patriotic people), Seaborgium (named after professor Seaborg who discovered it. Another interesting fact about him is  that his name can be arranged to form the anecdote of ‘ Go Bears’ which is basically the college’s Moto).

Next we were headed to the Round tables pizza for lunch. (We had to travel to the city for that). After having our lunch, we headed to the California university of sciences. But we had only a few minutes before the academy closed so instead we did a detour and went to the Sutro Baths. First some of us were really disappointed because we didn’t get to go to the Science academy but that all changed the moment we saw the beach.

The glistening blue colour of the water, the fine sandy soil, the distant view of the islands and the high rocky cliffs created a paradise on Earth. All of us really enjoyed the sea. Also some of us climbed the cliffs and felt somewhat like explorers in a lost jungle( a.k.a Spiderman to be specific) and after all that we had to return to our rooms in our hotels where all, as soon as they entered their rooms, slept off.

Report June 2- by Rajnandini and Deeksha

Our day started with alarm buzzing in our ears at 6 am. We all got up and freshen up and had our breakfast at La Quinta, San Francisco. Then we started our journey towards Yosemite National Park. It took 4hrs to reach our destination.

Soon after that we were welcomed by our guide of the day, Mr. Ira (a.k.a the bear man). He was really amusing and he provided us with tons of information about the national park (with a horror warning about a written test at the end of the trip).

Mr. Bear Man even showed us different types of agates and stones found locally even gold. He took some time to explain the difference between gold and fools gold.

The journey actually started when we bought our tickets. Our bus started into the woods and to swear that it wasn’t a heaven on Earth would be wrong on our side. The lush greenery, the tall redwoods, the sun dawned hills, the fierce waterfalls, the steep and black rocks on in there would have made even the most materialistic person fall in love with it.

Some of the students from our trip who were really cool adventurers, started climbing the hills like mountain goats. The waterfall was truly heavenly. It was splendid scene, nature at its best.


But sadly we had to return from there. But this was a trip which would be indelibly printed in our mind. While on our way back, we picked up some pizzas from the round table pizza and checked into the comfort inn where we had our dinner and slumped into our beds and went into deep sleep at that moment. Also that written test? We didn’t have to take it. That was just a joke from our guide’s side.


Report June 3 – by Lavanya, Kriti and Mayurakshi

LA without a doubt was the most awaited part of our trip.  Today in the morning we woke with smiles on our faces (rare as we aren’t morning people!). Even the 5 hour drive on the bus couldn’t bring our spirits down. 5 hours went by in a blur. Chatting, blaring music and rolling off seats. We ate our lunch at Johnny Rockets and headed out for a city tour. First stop was La Brea Tar Pits which had been there since prehistoric times. La Brea in Latin means tar.

We saw the unique architecture of the Disney Concert Hall which was initiated by Walt Disney’s wife, Lillian. The metal sheets were in layers on top of the other creating a rippling effect. Our guide told us that if you used the metal there would be enough to build a bridge from LA to New York and there would still be enough to build a skyscraper.

Next we stopped at the Dolby Center, where the Academy Awards are held every year. All celebrities invited to the academy awards are necessary to take only one guest with them. No matter how important they may be. After that we went in front of the Chinese Theatre. There were a lot of people walking around in costumes of famous characters like Superman, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, etc… They looked exactly like the real characters. Then we walked through the Walk of Fame. There were people like Emma Stone, Emma Daniel Radcliff, etc. it was awesome. We clicked loads of snaps . we then headed back to our bus. We went to an Indian restaurant for dinner. We had Indian food after three days. At this point we were all really tired and done for the day. We had a silent bus ride to our hotel.

Report June 4 -by Ankita, Saniya and Akshita

This morning we woke up fully excited as today we were going to…………… Disneyland. So, we got all dressed up ,had our breakfast and then we headed towards the bus to go to Disneyland. We were all super excited to reach the place we were all seeing dreams of in our childhood. When we reached we were awestruck and were having the time of our lives after seeing the beautiful Disneyland and it’s rides and a lot of fun waiting for us…!!!!. We were taking photos of ourselves with the banner when the security took our banner and seized it due to security reasons. We then entered Disneyland and first saw the avengers namely:Loki, Groot and Captain America!!!!!!!. Our first ride was…. The Guardians of the Galaxy:Breakout. It was heart throbbing and fascinating and fabulous!!. Then we went to the Cars Park where we waited in a long queue to go to the Radiators spring race. We really enjoyed ourselves. Then we went to the Golden Zephyr where we flew in the sky in a boat 😜.We all then went to the symphony strings ride.Then we went to a ride which connected us to the nature that is the Grizzly River Run !!!!. We did some serious rafting it was so fun!.We then had some tasty Mickey Mouse ice cream and snacks it was such a delight!!.Then we went on a cars ride which was fun as well!!!.And sadly,after that we had to leave Disneyland but still the memories we had and the Mickey Mouse headband we bought can never fade.


Report June 5 – by Saniya, Ankita and Aksita

Today we woke up early in the morning, got freshened up and were excited as we were going for shopping as well as astronomy center !  we then, had our breakfast. We were all geared up to go to the Astronomy center, it is actually interesting as our principal teaches astronomy so we would get to know more about his subject. So, we headed towards the center in our bus.In between we stopped at a store where we did chocolate shopping which was so fun as we found a wide variety of chocolates we don’t get in India.We then headed towards the Astronomy observation center. Then we reached the center it’s called Griffith observatory. Where the Hollywood sign was clearly visible we took photos there as well.

We then went for a small presentation on the observatory. We got to know that it was started on May 14,1935 by Griffith J. Griffith. He was a space enthusiast who was fascinated by space researches. After that we took a picture with Einstein’s statue.We then observed various planets, our weights on different planets and various other fun things. It was really fun to see and understand more about the space and planets in our solar system……

The view of LA from The Griffith Obervatory


Then we went to the other part of our day that is….. The Mall!!! Yaaayyy!!.We went to subway for our lunch it was such a delight!. We then headed toward the mall in our bus.We then went to the mall where there were many shops we bought many things and enjoyed alot. 😊😊

Report June 6 – by Swastik , Kanishk and Devesh

Today we woke up at 7 am as usual and were ready till 8:30 and were off to breakfast after that we were ready for the last day of our tour to USA . At 9:30 am we assembled in the lobby of the hotel and left for  UNIVERSAL  STUDIOS HOLLYWOOD. After reaching we were separated in groups and completed all the rides in upper lot. At 2:30 pm we had our lunch in MEL’S DINNER . At around 3pm we finished our lunch and were separated again .After that we completed all the rides in lower lot.At around 6:30 pm we assembled near entrance and left for dinner to Indian restaurant around 7 pm . By 8 pm we left for the hotel and packed our luggage and by 10 pm we went to sleep.



Memories that will last a lifetime

San Francisco to Cupertino to Yosemite National Park

and finally Los Angeles

We can not wait for the next adventure



World Book Day with CVIS


In honor of World Book Day,  SAI Angan held a story reading session with Churchdown Village Infant School (CVIS) located in Gloucester UK. World Book Day is a celebration! It’s a celebration of authors, illustrators, books and (most importantly) it’s a celebration of reading. In fact, it’s the biggest celebration of its kind, designated by UNESCO as a worldwide celebration of books and reading, and marked in over 100 countries all over the world.

The story read to the Year 2 students of CVIS was The Blue Jackal form the book of stories called the “Panchatantra” a well know story collection in India.

These were teachings of a famous guru, Vishnusharma. He created these interesting stories to teach three young princes of a kingdom. Pancha means 5 and Tantra means modes of action. Vishnusharma taught them wise conduct through these simple stories which are loved by children even today.

Below is a a short clipping of the story reading session with Ms Riona Chand who said “On the eve of World Book Day I was fortunate enough to do the story telling session with the students of Churchdown Village Infant School in UK. I had an amazing experience reading out the story and had a lot of interactions with the students. We thoroughly enjoyed the session and ended up learning ‘not to fool any  or we will be fooled ourselves’, which was the stories moral lesson. I appreciate the fact that I had the opportunity to enhance the visual , naturalistic and listen skills of these students while sharing an Indian moral story.


Women in Journalism: BBC Reporter Sue Nelson visits SAI


Eminent British Journalist and BBC reporter visited SAI International School. This is an initiative of the British Council. Ms Nelson gave a lecture on the topic Going Back to the Moon – A Journalist’s Perspective.

Sue Nelson is an award winning British journalist and broadcaster. As part of Boffin Media, she produces documentaries for BBC Radio, co-presents the Space Boffins podcast and makes short films on science and space. Her ESA TV films for the European Space Agency helped explain the Rosetta and ExoMars missions to a worldwide audience, while her radio documentary ‘Songs from Space’ supported the film director Richard Curtis’s Project Everyone, for raising awareness of the United Nations’ global goals for sustainability.

Sue Nelson  has made several BBC radio documentaries about the Moon and covers some of the key players involved, why they want to go there, and how one entrepreneur has a genuine property claim for a part of the lunar surface. Ms. Nelson spoke on eminent British Science Journalist, Space journalists and their viewpoint on diversified areas related to Moon. She gave an interesting and vivid chronological description on the visit to moon and spoke about the renewed race all over the globe to get back to the Moon. She also shared the story angle for a space journalist like business, environment, ethics, Science & Technology, Travel, Psychology, Medical and Equal rights.

Short Clip – Sue Nelson asked the question “Is the Moon for sale?”

Short Clip – Sue speaks about her documentary on Samantha Cristoforetti European Space Agency Astronaut.

Memorable moments indeed!



Quick Selfie with Class XII Science Students


The senior students and the Science teachers of the school along with invited media persons attended the session and interacted with Ms Sue Nelson.

THANKS SUE NELSON – we really enjoyed your talk it was inspiring and informative !

Core Skills Training@SAI

IMG_3659A dozen teachers from SAI International School attend a 3 day British Council Core Skills Training session from Feb 5 – 7, 2018. Delegates from eight Schools participated along with SAI. Teachers from all subjects including Math, English, SST and the Sciences capitalized on this intense course taking this new knowledge back to their classrooms in their separate schools.

As a British Council Ambassador School we support Core Skills advancement in our community so when asked to coordinate this programme at our school we gladly agreed.  The British Council implemented this course in 2015. It is a three year programme that helps teachers identify and implement six core skills including critical thinking and problem solving, creativity and imagination, digital literacy, citizenship, students leadership and personal development and collaboration and communication into their teaching routines.

The group completed the Introduction to Core Skills Course and will have completed the advanced training module on critical thinking and problem solving (CTPS) once they present their completed lesson plans in April along with their reflections write up.

IMG_3651Purnendu Chandra Singh Deo, Biology Teacher at SAI International School said “The Core Skills Programme rejuvenated the desire to have a re-look into the teaching learning methods being used by me. It gave me a good insight into lesson planning and taught me to make it more effective”.

Teachers were separated into five teams that had to present on the spot lessons plans that had to show case all the parameters of CTPS. Constructive feedback was given to each group on how effective their lesson planning was in sparking deep thinking in students. Many CTPS activities were demonstrated as group activities. Each teacher walked away from this training with a basic theoretical understanding critical thinking and problem solving and new ways to developed leadership, project management, and self evaluation techniques to embed critical thinking and problem solving into their daily practice. Core Skills Training also challenged teachers to identify opportunities within their schools to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills enhancing child centric learning.

Our final activity and farewell !

Group Picture

“Once Upon a Time” International Storytelling Week @ SAI Angan

Int'l Story telling week 2018International Storytelling Week is a long time tradition at SAI International School that started in 2012. Each year during this week students read stories, perform skits, participate in book themed activities including creative writing and learn about different children’s book authors from all over the world. This year SAI Angan read four books from authors in the United Kingdom, Scotland, Canada and Northern Ireland. Students from classes KG II – III completed “The Darkest Dark “ by Canadian Astronaut, Chris Hadfield, “The Gruffalo” by UK Author Julia Donaldson, “Stuck” by Oliver Jeffers, Irish Author, “Owl Babies” by Martin Waddell and illustrated by Patrick Benson both Scottish Authors.

Jan 29-30 SAI Angan students of Class I and Class II completed one of the four children’s books that will be read during the next few days during International Storytelling Week. The name of the book is “The Darkest Dark” by Chris Hadfield, a Canadian Astronaut and Author. The book address a common fear of most children, the dark, and what might be looming there. This exercise was designed for kids to think about their fears and come up with creative ways to overcome them. Class I students created rockets like the one made by the main character of he book using different shapes. Class II completed a Creative writing worksheet describing their fear of the dark and how they are able to overcome it. Then they were asked to draw a picture of the monster that keeps them awake at night if they have one. The details given by the students about their fears and how they are able to overcome them made us proud.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

January 31 & & February 1 : The next book covered was “The Gruffalo” by Julie Donaldson, a British author. During Churchdown Village Infants School visit Miss Gemma read The Gruffalo to students of class I & II in a special assembly. A poster making session followed with all the main characters, students split into groups and coloured each character and made a colorful poster. The Gruffallo is about a cleaver mouse that out smarts its advisories by telling them about a beast called the Gruffalo that is coming to meet him. Moral is that always keep your wits about you even when facing your enemies.

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Storytelling Session with Miss Gemma from Churchdown Village Infants School 

February 1 – 2 : Book number three, “Stuck” by Oliver Jeffers was completed by Class I students. The book takes a look at problem solving and using your common sense in a practical way. It uses humor in a way that is very child friendly.  The activity work sheet concentrated on memory enhancement and creative problem solving.

February 2 – 3 : Book number four was read by all sections of KG II . It is called “Owl Babies”by Martin Waddell and Patrick Benson. The book tells the story of three babies owl alone in the night without their mom.  It is a lighthearted story that touches on the topic of being separated from your mom. Separation from mom is a real challenge for students at this age. Students then made craft Owls out of different materials and in many different ways. They made then out of modeling clay, they coloured them, glued them together out of waste materials, they even made owl puppets. The completed crafts were placed on the display board.

Owl Babies Storytelling Session with KG – II Students

Please visit the international Storytelling webpage view these books and related activities along with many others

Great Kindness Challenge 2018

This year SAI International School participated in the Great Kindness Challenge by distributing 1,840+ Acts of Kindness Checklists to all the students of classes KG I – V. Students have to complete as many of the 50 Acts of Kindness in one weeks time they can.

Students of Class I – II completing some of the acts of kindness in class with their friends and classmates. Teachers were asked to submit a few pictures from each section and here are the amazing results

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

KG II students took the Acts of Kindness List home and completed them with their families. They were asked to submit photo of them completing the acts at home. We received a tremendous response take a look at this amazing slideshow. SAI would like to thanks parents for sending in these remarkable pictures and take the time to teach our child the act of being kind.

 Great Kindness Challenge Community Impact : 120,820 completed acts of kindness by our SAIONEERS

TOP 10 Completed Acts of Kindness 

#1 – 46,150 Smiles Shared

#2 – 19,500 Good Mornings Said

#3 – 9,330 Compliments Given

#4 – 9,230 Decorated Hearts Distributed

#5 – 1,846 Thank yous said

#6 – 1,840 High Fives Given

#7 – 1,830 New Kindness Acts Created

#8 – 1,625 New Friendships Made

#9 – 1,236 Wishes made for a Child in Another Country

#10 – 530 Happy Dances Danced

Class V students speak about their favorite acts of kindness


Hosting German Historian Prof Dr. Hermann Kulke & Prof Uwe Skoda

IMG_3158SAI International School was honoured to host German historian , Prof. Dr. Hermann Kulke and Prof. Uwe Skoda at SAI International School on Wednesday, January 10, 2018.  Prof Kulke, who was awarded with the Padma Shri in 2010 and the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany in 2011, has been spreading the Jagannath culture through his research and books since the last 40 years. He has also received the Gold medal of the Asiatic Society of Kolkata in 2005 for his excellent work.

Prof Uwe Skoda from the Arhus University of Denmark amazed everyone with his speech in fluent Odia. He advised the students to learn the basics and always remember the knowledge disseminated in the organisation in trying to make them Global citizens.
#SAIGlobal  #SAIInternationalSchool

Interview with Prof Skoda during his visit to SAI International School.



British Author Gillian Wright visits SAI International School

image4British author and translator Ms. Gillian Wright visited SAI International School on Thursday, January 11, 2018. She interacted with students of Class VI and V and inspired them to take a pledge to protect the wild life. Sharing the story of the community owned and managed wildlife conservation venture at Mangalajodi in Khurdha district of Odisha, she said that the onus of saving the environment and wild life is now in the hands of the younger generation.

A wonderful story teller, Ms. Wright also read out a few excerpts from her latest book for children, ‘Mishti’.  #SAIGlobal