From the International Space Station to SAI International School : NASA Astronaut Jack Fischer’s visit


 SAI International School had the privilege of hosting Astronaut Jack Fischer for 4 days at the School. During his stay with us he was the Keynote speaker for SAITED our school’s annual TED Talk based on the concept of the infamous TED Talks taking place all over the world. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design it is devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks. TED began in 1984 as a conference where Technology, Entertainment and Design converged, and today it covers almost all topics — from science to business to global issues — in more than 100 languages. The idea to have an annual TED Talk at SAI was introduced three years ago, SAITED 2017 is the second talk to be held at the school. Astronaut Fischer’s morning started with a Traditional Welcome at Gate No. 4 followed by a small photo session with students and the School Leadership Team.

He then made his way to the stage where he spoke about his astonishing adventure in space describing it in great detail from the point the rocket lifted off to the eight minute journey into space and his return to earth in Sept 2017.  He spoke about different types of rockets, his daily routine, scientific experiments, food rituals and his amazing space walks with over 128 hours logged. SAITED participants listen intently as he spoke about his childhood upbringing and his personal struggles. He ended with a wonderful quote  challenging the audience to “Dare to Dream”.

After his talk he took pictures with many excited students not only from SAI but 22 other school from Bhubaneswar, Cuttack and the surrounding areas. He completed the day as he gave out awards to the SAITED Participants.


Astronaut Fischer continued his stay at SAI the following day as he presented his amazing story to the students of  SAI Angan the Pre -Primary part of SAI International School.

His presentation was so interesting the students watched in awe,  it was followed up with a 20 min question answer session allowing the young minds of SAI Angan to ask any questions they wanted. He spoke about his eating regime in space and how it feels to move in zero gravity. Students asked many questions even ones about his personal feeling about being away from his family for so many months. The programme ended with a small tokens exchanged between Mrs. Rashmi Pandey, Vice Principal of SAI Angan who gave a Patachitra which is a cloth-based scroll painting, based in the eastern Indian state, Odisha and Astronaut Fischer who gifted a signed poster of his space mission this past year.

Take a look at the above video about his visit to SAI Angan and his interaction with the students there.  The following day comprised of a presentation to class IV who had not met Astronaut Fisher yet. The same sort of presentation was done with these students as before. The interactive session was interesting and students asked him questions about his service in the United States Air Force. Anshuman Patnaik of class IV  asked about his knowledge of air crafts “How many types of aircraft have you flow and know how to fly?” he asked Astronaut Fischer to witch Fischer replied ” I have flown over 55 different types of air crafts during my 25 years of service in the U. S. Air Force. I am a test pilot which means that I test out new models of air crafts and see if they have any glitches and that they are safe to operate.”

His fourth and final day at the school comprised of an interview with SAI T.V. it covered his thoughts on India and his experience during SAITED. Take a look for yourself.

Astronaut Fischer also had the pleasure of visiting some historical places of Bhubaneswar including the Tribal Museum , Dholi Peace Pagota and Ram Mandir Temple learning about the history of the area and getting a closer look at Hinduism.

SAI International School would like to thank Astronaut Jack Fischer for choosing to come to our school and share his inspiring story, encouraging us to follow are dreams and never give up.

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In the News:

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Times of India –

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Indian Express –

International Day of Persons with Disability at SAI with Swabhiman


Students of class VII celebrated International Day of Persons with Disability at SAI International School. A small delegation from Swabhiman visited the school and addressed the students in a four hour workshop designed to educated them about the term disability and inclusive education.

Dr. Tapas lead the group and gave an inspirational talk about persons with disability and how society views them. He touched on the concept of inclusive education allowing students with special needs into the main stream classrooms, allowing them to learn with “Normal” students. His talk was inspiring and really made the students think about their understanding of what it means to have a disability.

The students were then challenged to paint using only their mouths, a paint brush and paint imagining that they did not have hands. It was difficult and the students really came to understand the difficulties faced by persons with a disability.

The students participated in 3 more activities including a quiz competition, Dance lessons given by two amazing young girls with physical in ailments and they watched a documentary about Dr. Sruti Mohapatra outlining her struggle and fight when she became disabled. Dr. Sruti Mohapatra is a human rights activist specifically in the area of  right of persons with disabilities. She is a constant voice for the genre of people and pushed for government legation that supports persons with disability towards fair treatment and acceptance into society’s norms.


The students really enjoyed the dance lesson and found it challenging to only use one leg when dancing!!!

Embedded Partnership with Churchdown Village Infants School, Gloucester UK

IMG_1083SAI Angan ( the Pre- Primary Branch of SAI International School) has had a long standing partnership with Churchdown Village Infants School, Gloucester UK. We Annual conduct a well rounded teacher exchange programme that included not only includes Continued Professional Development but the unique opportunity to engulfed oneself into the others culture and life style. Our partnership started in 2009 with a signed partnership agreement that covers everything from global citizenship to exchange of language and culture. Even teachers and staff trainings have been incorporated over the years that cover topics like inclusive classroom involvement and students assessment techniques. This year it was an honour to host we hosted Gemma Western and Georgia Southwell. Our focus during their visit was exclusively ion ISA Activities. This year SAI Angan will be submitting their ISA Dossier and applying for the British Council International School Award 2018 – 2021. Our guest teachers from the UK helped us complete five ISA Projects.

Day one was joyous and both Gemma and Georgia were greeted at the grand entrance of SAI Angan with a Traditional Indian Welcome .

With big smiles they proceeded to the Auditorium where all of class II were waiting for them.  Class II had prepared a special assemble with a dance, word and though of the day followed by a presentation lead by Gemma and Georgia bout their school and it activities. After a quick question answer session with the students about the difference and similarities found in both SAI Angan and Churchdown Village Infant School.  Gemma proceeded to read “The Gruffallo” by the famous British author Julia Donaldson. Gemma rendition was full of flavor and voice modulation and truly entertained the students.

The Special Assembly was followed by ISA Activity 1 “Grandparents Playground” which is an exchange of tradition games from UK, India, USA and Uganda. Gemma and Georgia learned The Lion and the Mouse and the Cat and the Rat sent be our partner school in Uganda. They shared three traditional games including Stuck in the mud, Bull Dog and the cross continental Duck Duck Goose. In reciprocation SAI Angan teachers taught our UK guest Pittu a traditional outdoor Indian game.

SAI Angan teachers and students teaching Pittu to our UK guests.

Our Uganda partner school sent us two games one called  “The Lion and the Mouse” and the “Cat and the Rat.

The Cat and the Rat – traditional game taught to us by our Ugandan partner school Gombe Junior School during their visit in July. Students would first play the games and then our teachers would play them with our UK guests.  The remainder of the day was spent at Khandegiri Caves learning about the the history of Bhubaneswar.

On the second day they taught a few UK traditional games to our SAI Angan students as mentioned earlier.

On the third day the ISA Activity switched the Activity 4 – Ek, Do, Teen.. with class KG I. Gemma and Goergia went form section to section teaching and learning counting rhymes in English and learning counting rhymes in Hindi and Luganda.

SAI T.V. Interview with Ms Gemma Western and Georgia Southwell teachers from Churchdown Village Infants School, Gloucester United Kingdom:


International Youth Day 2017 #YOUTH4PEACE


Students of SAI International School coordinated their annual International Youth Day Fest on Sept 25th the day after they completed all their half yearly exams.

They planning started in August when students launched a social Media campaign and worked endlessly on a PSA video called “youthforpeace”

Link you Youth For Peace PSA video

The preparation included the infamous International Youth Day T-shirt and Badge designs



To render their contribution in achieving the 2030 agenda of Sustainable Development Goal 16, on building peaceful, just and inclusive societies, students of SAI International School observed International Youth Day with the theme Youth4Peace. SAI students aligned with the Global Youth Movement for Peace to be part of the Global community to work together towards bringing in a social transformation and making the World a better place through peace and harmony. As peace and security is critical for sustainable development, SAI students posted inspiring messages on social media and connected with enthused youths to strengthen and widen their reach to spread awareness on the importance of peaceful society.


This cohort of dynamic youngsters tried to inspire people through a power packed skit and a meaningful dance performance at Pal Heights on Monday, September 25, 2017.


One of the onlooker, Sachin Patel, a retired teacher opined that “it is really wonderful to see the enthusiastic kids on such a noble mission. As a 67 year old man, I feel motivated to form a group and propagate peace.” Minakshi Pati, a housewife shared that, “no doubt building a peaceful society is next to impossible, but yes if youth force take up the mission, it can have a positive catalyzing effect.”

Every year SAIoneers celebrate the International Youth Day by spreading awareness in public on different social issues like Anti-Bullying, Gender Equality, Anti Corruption, No Smoking, No Hating Zone, etc.


VISIT of the Savita Vaidhyanathan, Mayor of Cupertino California, USA

22712472_1710983938912630_1627685196927876699_oSAI International School Hosts Savita Vaidhyanathan, Mayor of Cupertino California, USA. She was accompanied by Reena Patnaik Rao and Mr. Palaka who are heading the Cupertino Bhubaneswar Sister City Initiative. SAI International School will pay a vital role in this global initiative launching the first Global Immersion Programme (GIP) to Cupertino in October 2018. We are overjoyed about building a continued student and teacher exchange programme between the two cities and countries, giving them an enjoyable, memorable experience with American host families learning about the education, culture and several other aspects of living in Cupertino and California.

During the visit they enjoyed a delightful tour of the school, interacted with students in the Language Lab and smiled at the youthful design of SAI Angan.

Interview with Mrs. Savita Vaidhyanathan, Mayor of Cupertino California.

US Consulate, Hyderabad visits SAI International School

US Consul Official visits SAI. Mr. Jonathan P. Ackley, Deputy Chief-American Citizen Services from U.S Consulate, Hyderabad visited SAI International School on Friday, October 6, 2017. The discussion centered around future collaboration in areas of higher education with the help of United States-India Educational Forum (USIEF). Mr.Ackley also discussed about future services offered to US citizens at SAI as presently 22 US citizens are pursuing their education at SAI International School. He was accompanied by Ms. Sreedevi Poli from U.S Consulate Hyderabad. The team toured SAI International School, SAI Angan and interacted with the students.

International Project : Global Connections with Union Academy Charter School, USA

SAI International School partners with Union Academy Charter School launching a global connect project which links students of class IX – XII through exchange of Videos addressing interests of youth in both USA and India. Questions topics include; types of music in both countries, how food effects culture, daily routine, difference in the Indian and USA education systems.


Link to project page on Union Academy Charter School :

Link to Video sent to us by Union Academy Charter School:

SAI students gear up to issue a response video by the end of October. After watching the Video posted by their counterparts in USA and start planning out filming after Pooja Holidays.

GIP – Uganda: continued collaboration with Gombe Group of Institutions SAIMUN 2017

IMG_7932SAI International School continues to grow links and relations with its Ugandan counterpart, Gombe Group of Institution which is a composition of three schools including Scooby –Doo Pre-School and Nursery, Gombe Junior School and St Andrew Kaggwa Gombe High School all located in the capital city of Kampala. This year during SAIMUN 2017 SAI hosted 17 students from class V – XI , three teachers and the Principal of St. Andrew Kaggwa Gombe High School. During their stay they did a range of activities and completed four International School Award Activities with SAI ANGAN.

DAY 1: the group arrived at 9am at Biju Patnaik International Airport and they were greeting warmly by the International Coordinator of the School Jessica Patnaik. After a short drive to the school they eat some breakfast and then headed to the Hostels to freshen up, returning to the school to conduct a Special Assembly at SAI Angan the pre-primary part of the school. They followed this with a quick Indian lunch and a meet and greet session with the Jr. Going Global Club were students from Gombe met the host students from SAI International School. Then the entire group headed to the hostel for the evening and an early sleep.

After the assembly the Gombe Team met their hosts from the Going Global Club. Each Gombe student introduced themselves to the Club and paired up with their SAI host.

DAY 2 : was filled with activities including a trip to The Weavers Society in Sahid Nagar and Happy Hours Pre – School for performances and cultural sharing of dance forms and songs of India and Uganda.

The Gombe Jr. students participated in the ISA Activitiy 6 Nachele which is a an exchange of traditional dance forms of India and Uganda. SAI students performed Odissi hand postures and taught their meanings.

3:00pm – 4:30pm the participated in an Art Workshop (making Rangoli) in the art lab with Saista ma’am .IMG_7901

While the the Junior group participated in the art activity the Seniors of class X -XII attended a MUN workshop with SAIMUN, Chief Adviser, learning the lingo and MUN technicalities so they could prepare to participate.

DAY 3 : Gombe Junior perform during a all school Special Assembly. PPT presentation about Gombe Group of Institutions was given by Miss Catherine. Studnets performed a traditional Ugandan dance form.

DAY 4 : Gombe Group had a full day as the opening act for the SAIMUN Opening Ceremony. Then the afternoon was outing with host families.

DAY 5 : Consisted of and ALL DAY TRIP to the famous city of Puri. Gombe students, SAI students and our guests from AIESEC visited the Puri beach and participated in a local craft workshop. They learnt about the handicrafts of Odisha and had a on site experience of how each craft is created and the history about it. They had the unique opportunity to learn from the masters themselves.


DAY 6 : Gombe Students were the closing act for the Closing Ceremony of SAIMUN. They also presented during the Global Village about Uganda, their school  and their culture.


Embedded School Partnership – 7th Global Immersion Programme to Chosen Hill School – UK

Group picture,  GIP – UK Team from SAI International School and Chosen Hill School Hosts students, teachers and Head Teacher,  Mrs. Kirsten Harrison. SAI Team is lead by Mrs.  Binati Misra, English Teacher and Mrs. Rashmi Sahoo, Primary Teacher along with 17 students from class VIII – X. 

The Global Immersion programme 2017 for UK had a great start with a large group of 17 students  ready to explore and traverse through a new learning roller coaster ride.Two teachers Binati Misra and Rashmi Sahoo with 17 students from classes VIII to X started their journey to the United Kingdom on the 3rd of June .Travelling with Qatar Airways the group reached Heathrow at 6.00 pm on the evening of the 4th of June 2017. There was another two and a half hours of drive to reach Chosen Hill School in Gloucester where excited students and parents were ready to welcome their guests ten students and one teacher dispersed with their hosts to rest for the day while one teacher and seven students went to stay in an Inn called The Old Elm Inn, which is a very popular place in the town.

Day two was the beginning of the activities with the partner school.The coordinators Danielle Bayram and Alice Bailley were there to welcome the group and instructions were given to the students for the entire stay and also the programme was discussed vividly followed by the day’s event. The students practised for the Assembly and then set off on a tour to Gloucester Cathedral. A guide was already hired, who explained the history of the cathedral which also covered part of the Royal family’s history as well. Two more guides were waiting to take the group on a walking tour of Gloucester that has a very old culture and rich with its oriental architecture.SAI group did enjoy a souvenir shopping and returned back to their respective host families.

Day three was entirely a school day. SAI students presented in an Assembly for the year X students followed by class seven where the collaborative school project was done.This is a project on the heritage on Royal families of India. All the students were involved in the presentation in which they presented an ensemble of three songs and showed a power point presentation on India, Odisha and the school. The most attractive item was the showcasing of the festivals of India.The students then shadowed their hosts to attend their classes to learn about the curriculum and learning style of Chosen Hill School. The international club of the school hosted the afternoon Tea Party and the coordinators Miss Bailey,Ms Dani and the head teacher including the senior leadership team of the school attended the tea party.

The students themselves had baked cakes and scones which were really delicious. The students who stayed in the inn were taken to the Gloucester Quays to spend their evening after the hosts had taken the rest of the SAI students.

Day 4 was still more interesting for the students as that was the day when they were going to the famous theme park that is Drayton Manor. The students really had a very enjoyable time trying all the rides one after the other,although some of them were little scary still they wanted to experience and take the adventure.
Back in school that evening the CHS students taught SAI students how to play the game of Rounders and soon they learned the game so well that they gave a tough competition to the English students and really played well.The students were picked up by their hosts and the students who stayed in the Inn were given a grand dinner of Pizzas by the coordinators.

Day 5 was yet another exciting day as the students were to reach the most coveted and one of the oldest Universities of the world that is the Oxford University. Once again a hired guide was ready to explain the history of the most famous learning hub of the world. A walking tour led them to some of the famous colleges out of the 38 of the like.The colleges that they saw are Trinity,college, Balliol ,Queens College, St John’s college etc
There are 22 thousand students in Oxford who travel in bicycles and students who appear for exams wear black and white and also a robe. After the final exams people were trashed by other students to celebrate crossing the finishing line.

Day six was the last day in Gloucester and Chosen Hill School. SAI students were sad to part from their hosts but were happy also as they were to start the next phase of the trip.Group photographs were taken and CHS students and teachers bade farewell to SAI group.

The next one and a half hours journey was interesting for the students as they eagerly looked forward to reach Birmingham and visit the Cadbury world..After checking in to the Travelodge Central Bulls Ring hotel, the students had a sumptuous lunch and were taken to the Cadbury world to have a tour through the colourful journey of getting to know the history of the Cadbury factory, which is hundreds of years old. A 4D adventure was also a very interesting movie experience. After a very satisfying chocolate shopping, the group went to see the famous University of Birmingham which many brilliant students across the world, look forward to be a part of.

20170609_194934Early morning the next day the journey started, to reach London which took quite an unexpected long time, however soon after reaching the hotel ,SAI group started off to visit Madam Tussauds which was already booked.It was a unique experience for everyone to see the wax statues of the very famous and important personalities of the world and also enjoy taking pictures with them.As planned in the itinerary the group went to Oxford street to do shopping for the near and dear ones.

The last day in London was hectic, as there were two more attractions to cover and also a city tour of London was in the plans. The Bus No 30 from London Hackney Central and took the SAI group to Baker street where they boarded the Hop on Hop off Bus and had a nice tour of the city and got down at London Eye.After the amazing ride on the capsules in London Eye they went to enjoy the next attraction that is the Shrek adventure and additionally enjoyed a 7 D movie of the world famous super heroes.,After a, grand lunch in Mc Donalds the most interesting part of the London trip awaited which was a ride in a cruise on the river Thames getting to know about the seven bridges which was so humorously presented by the guide.On the other side of the river they walked to the Oxford street and took the next bus to London Hackney Central.It was the last night in London .

Finally the trip was going to end. SAI team reached the Heathrow airport at around 1 0 clock and after having some lunch they boarded the flight to reach Doha in the mid night followed by the next flight to Delhi.It was exhilarating to touch the Indian soil after ten hectic days in UK and to wait excitedly for the next flight to reach Bhubaneswar where eager parents were waiting to receive their children.

The GIP UK gave a lot of global exposure to the young students in terms of school partnership, being hosted and staying with British families, visiting different important places, getting to know the history of some famous places like Oxford, Birmingham Universities and all the places in London. This was a great opportunity of having a cultural immersion as well. Of course students did learn skills like adaptability, leadership, communication, collaboration and team work.



1st Global Immersion Programme to CHINA May 28 – June 7, 2017

Global Immersion Programme  – China SAI Team –  from left to right:  Mrs. Jessica Patnaik, International Coordinator, Shruti Panigrahi, Aditee Das, Palak Seth, Kashika Pradhan, Swati Mohanty, Meeru Mahji, Rupali Mohanty, Sneha Das Mr. Sarat Kar, Manager Public Relations

The first Global Immersion Programme to China started with a short flight from Bhubaneswar to Kolkata and dinner at the residence of Mr Ma Zhanwu, Consul General, Consulate-General of The People’s Republic of China in Kolkata, who entertained the students with stories of his childhood and historical facts about links between China and India. During dinner he even took the time to explain how to use chop sticks and gave a short demonstration. The evening ended with a heartfelt goodbye as students boarded the bus for the Airport to catch their flight from Kolkata to Kunming also known as the “City of Eternal Spring”.

Link to the post on the Website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China –  about the meeting with Mr. Ma Zhanwu, Consul General of the People’s Republic of China in Kolkata.pic website chinese Consulate

The students explored Yunnan Nationalities Village which is located in the southwest suburb of Kunming City, Yunnan Province. As a window displaying the various cultures and customs of 25 minorities in Yunnan, it has been honoured “Class AAAA (highest rank) Scenic Spot” of China. The group had a look at traditional ethnic-featured buildings and colourful costumes showing off the different minorities of China.

SAI students visited a UNESCO world heritage site rightly named “The Stone Forest”. It lies about 80 miles to the southeast of Kunming. A geological phenomenon, the Stone Forest was a vast expanse of sea during the Palaeozoic era–some 270 million years ago. Later, the movement of tectonic plates altered the earth’s crust, causing the sea to recede and its limestone bottom to appear, thereby forming land and a group of great sculptures of different shapes, all moulded by nature.


In the midst of the forest, there is a huge rock screen on which two words–Stone Forest–are engraved in official script. Another amazing sight is the legendary pond of Ashima. Students listened intently as our guide Saline told the tall tale about a girl who cried so much she turned to stone.

Afterward we headed to the Waxberry, Chinese Strawberries orchard and feasted on fresh berries. A quick visit followed to the Yunnan Museum and finished off our day with Indian food and presentation practice for our visit to Kunming No. 8 High School.

On the Morning of May 31 students visited the Kunming No. 8 High School which was established over 60 years ago. Students were greeted at the gate and took a quick group photograph before they ran to prepare for their presentation. The presentation went smoothly and everyone praised the students.


Next was a ESL class on life science followed by a Chinese Calligraphy class were students learned how to write the Chinese characters for China, Indian and their own name. A short painting class followed and finally students had to say goodbye and board the bus. After a quick dinner at an Indian restaurant they spent time shopping in the local shops.

The Calligraphy teacher Mr Yang even wrote the characters for SAI INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL.

The next day consisted of travelling from Kunming to Fuzhou. It was full of airports, luggage and checking in and out of hotels. The highlight of the evening was dinner were we ate very traditional Chinese cuisine native to Fuzhou. Most dishes had seafood in them including squid and vegetable soup, crawdad cooked in chillies spices and boiled vegetables, cabbage with rice noodles, and even sweet rice with coconut sauce that is culturally ceremonial.  We met our new guide Nana and Mr. James from the Fujain Foreign Affairs Office who gave us a lesson on how to eat the different types of food.

GIP China team then visited Fuzhou Foreign Languages School and signed a Memorandum of Understanding between SAI International School and  The Fuzhou Foreign Languages School.

IMG_5850Link to Fuzhou Foreign Languages School  website which the visit of SAI Internatioanl School is posted.  SAI Internatioanl School is the First South Asian School to sign an MOU with a School in Fujian Provence.FFLS website GIP CHina

The MOU is a three year agreement between the schools to promote communication of international education between China and India. Terms would include staff visits to each other’s school to enhance teaching abilities at booth schools, sharing of schools educational resources, set up online classes, improve a mutual understanding of Chinese and Indian Culture and conduct short term teacher and student exchange visits to broaden their international consciousness. It was signed by Mr Yang Lihua, Vice General Secretary, FFLS, Committee of CPC and Vice Principal of Fuzhou Foreign Languages School and Mrs Jessica Patnaik, International Coordinator, SAI International School.

After which students presented a brilliant PPT about seven of the states in India and more whore traditional costumes of each state as well. They also attended classes in a chemistry and Fuzhou history classes after which they rushed to the airport to catch their flight to Beijing. After a bit of sleep on the flight the group landed and headed for dinner at an Indian Restaurant.

Shopping, Shopping and a bit of history should have been the title given as the group visited one of China’s oldest national heritage sites located in the heart of Fuzhou City “Three Lanes and Seven Alleys”. The national treasure is around 2,200 years old and home to hundreds of well known historical Chinese historical figures and heroes. The team did a lot of shopping up and down the Main Street and then went on a tour of one ancient residential home which was proceed by a 3 hour flight to Beijing.

June 4 was full of Chinese history. Students visited the infamous Tiananmen Square or “Gate of Heavenly Places” located in the heart of Beijing City. The square has a long history of uprisings and historical ideology of China’s government. The square contains the Monument to the People’s Heroes, Great Hall of People, the National Museum of China, the Mausoleum of Mao Zedong and the Chinese Parliament building on its left side. Tiananmen Square is the second larges square in the world with a total area of 109 acres. Students took group pictures and small videos explaining detailed information about the square.

The group then entered the Forbidden City that was closed to all outsiders except royalty until 1944. It was the imperial palace from the Ming dynasty to the end of the Qing dynasty from 1420 to 1912. It served as home for 26 emperors and their households as well as the ceremonial and political center of Chinese government for almost 500 years. Students walked from the front gate to the back gate stopping for a few minutes here and there to rest as it was over 1 kilometre in distance. The tour ended with a quick visit to the imperial gardens and then out the back entrance.  Shopping was the next destination; it was our  last opportunity to shop in China.

Our last full day spent in China was an amazing visit to the Great Wall of China one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It was built along an East -to -West line across the historical northern borders of China to protect the Chinese States against invasions and raids. Especially famous is the wall built 220–206 BCE by Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China. Little of that wall remains. Since then, the Great Wall has been rebuilt, maintained, and enhanced; the majority of the existing wall is from the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644). SAI students split into to two teams; one went onto the North Wall and the other the South Wall. Both groups reach the 4th tower and then returned. The view was breathtaking and spirit high when we reached the 4th tower as it was quite a hike.

SAIONEERs then had a quick lunch and headed for the Summer Palace located about a one hour drive away. The palace is beautiful and located around a lake which can be walked around using the Longest Corridor in the world and a UNESCO world heritage cultural site. It is 728 meters long with 14,000 paintings and pieces of art. Students learned a lot about Chinese ancient culture based on the 14,000 painting that adorn the roof of this amazing walk way.

The following day was again about travelling from Beijing to Kunming then Kunming to Kolkata and final Kolkata to Bhubaneswar arriving home at 8:25 am on the Morning of June 7.


What an AMAZING TRIP !!!!


谢谢 – Xièxiè – Thank you


Student Documentary about the Global Immersion Programme to China. Se what the students have to say about this amazing trip. Narrated by Rupali Mohanty of Class XII