International Days

Internationalism is a fervent culture of the ethos of SAI International School. Imbibing it in our students we observe and celebrate days of global recognition.

  • International Women’s Day (in-house activity) – March
  • World Water Day (in-house activity) – March
  • World Happiness Day (in- house activity) – March 
  • International Day of Service  – May ……. click on the link to see all annual activities
  • Bastille Day (in house activity) – July
  • International Youth Day – August 
  • International Day of Peace (in-house activity) – September
  • World Student Day (in-house activity) –  October
  • International Day of Persons with Disability  – December …….. click on the link to see all annual activities
  • International Story Telling Week – January

International Woman’s Day – March 8 

SAI International School Celebrates International Woman’s Day in the school in a grand style. Each year we invite eminent personalities to our school to talk about their success stories. Listening to these amazing stories of woman who have faced the odds and still came out on top is inspiring.

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Take a look at our celebration in 2017

International Day of Service : May 7

International Day of Service has been organized by the students of SAI International School for many years.  It is a way to strengthen our community by inspiring our SAIONEER to actively engage , volunteer and serve. Student select a high impact project that involves local special needs schools, elderly care homes, institutions for persons with disabilities and NGOs. Please see our blog were activities are posted from 2012 onwards for more information.

Link to blog:

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International Youth Day : August 12

International Youth Day 2017 is dedicated to celebrating young people’s contributions to conflict prevention and transformation as well as inclusion, social justice, and sustainable peace. SAI Students plan a street performance every year dedicated to a new theme. Please take a look at the impact of this programme over the years:

Link to blog for “Safe Spaces for Youth” International Youth Day 2018:

Link to blog for “Youth4Peace” International Youth Day 2017:

Link to blog post for “No hating Zone” International Youth Day 2016:

Link to blog post for “Anti- Bullying Campaign” International Youth Day 2015:

Int’l Day of Persons with Disability : December 3

International Day of Persons with Disability is a highlighted event at SAI International School. Projects have included donation drives for special needs schools, training sessions in art sports and computer, interactive sessions and workshops with persons with disability, hosting students with disabilities at our school, collaborative project that address inclusiveness and acceptance.

link to blog post:

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International Story Telling Week : Last Week January

SAI Angan is a keen participant of International Storytelling Week that runs during the last week of January each year. Books are read or exchanges either with our partner schools in different countries or we read stories written by authors from different countries.

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Stories covered so far :

Please visit the ISA 2017 webpage where all Books are posted along with corresponding activities.

International Story Exchange webpage :

Link to International Storytelling Week 2018 blog post:




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