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SAI International Schools believes in offering the best global opportunities to its students, staff and administration. In order to fulfil this vision we conduct four to five Global Immersion Programmes (GIP) each year to countries including UK, Bhutan, Italy, Taiwan, USA, Singapore, China and Uganda. Each trip has its own unique charm and learning experience. SAI students are also expected to host their counterparts during their visits to India. SAI has hosted over 350 students and teachers from abroad. Nearly 800 SAI students and teachers have participated in this incredible intercontinental experience, truly giving our students and teachers a massive global edge. Please take a look at this colossal initiative.


United States of America


Dates: April or May / Available Seats : 25-30 / Class: IX,X,XI 

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SAI International School Organized a trip to the USA annually. It is a 12-14 days trip that includes New York City, Buffalo, Washington D.C., Orlando Florida. In the past we have been hosted by our links schools Farmington High School, located in Connecticut and Dr. Phillips High School in Florida. We have visited many places of interest including  NASA Kennedy Space Center, Niagara Falls, Statue of Liberty, Hersey Chocolate Factory, Universal Studios, Disney World, Times Square and much much more…!

In 2018 we plan on visiting the West coast of the USA including cities like San Francisco, Cupertino and Los Angeles.

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Dates: June / Available Seats : 10 – 15 / Class: IX,X,XI

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SAI International School has had a long standing partnership with 3 schools in UK Winterbourne International Academy – Bristol, Chosen Hill School – Gloucester and Churchdown Village Infants School – Gloucester. Each year teachers and students visit each others countries. The are hosted in each others homes and participate in some sort of community service project both in UK and In India. Apart from being hosted by the school students visited historical places of interest. Our UK exchange is between 9-10 days long with 5-6 days at our partner school and then 3 days in London site seeing. We also send our pre- primary teachers to spend 5-6 days at Churchdown Village Infants School each year. This exchange is focused on professional development and growth. In reciprocation we host UK teachers at SAI Angan the pre- primary section of SAI International School.

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Dates : October / Available Seats: 20-30 / Classes: X,XI,XII

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SAI International School sends students to Singapore annually in October during Puja Holiday. the trip is 7 days long and consists of sight seeing, visits to places of historical importance, visits to Ninyang Technical University and National Singapore University both ranked globally in the top 20 higher education institutes. Students also visit Universal Studios, Singapore Science Center where they complete 2 workshops one on DNA and Robotics. Another focal point is cultural immersion so students complete a calligraphy class. Over the past several trips they have attended leadership training at NTU and earned a certificate at the Boeing Flight Simulator. Sentosa, Night Safari and Gardens by the Bay are also part of this packed programme allowing students to learn about the wild life and fauna found in Singapore. Students visit the NEWATER Plant which is a high tech water recycling facility and learn about modern day eco-friendly methods of water purification.

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Peoples Republic of China

GIP – CHINA (9-10 Days)

Dates: March or April / Available Seats:10-15 / Classes:IX,X,XI

Documentary about the Global Immersion Programme to China by the Students of SAI International School

SAI International School signed its first MOU with Fuzhou Foreign Languages School in Fujain Provence, China. It is exciting to think that this GIP will be with our neighbors to the east. The exchange trip will consist of two days in Kunming visiting two UNESCO World Heritage Sites Nationalities Park and The Stone Forest. Then the Team will spend 4-5 days in Fuzhou hosted by our partner school attending classes and learning about the Chinese education system. They will also have an opportunity to visit another World Heritage Site 3 Lanes and Seven Alleys and historical place that once housed China’s elite. It retains the basic street patterns of Tang and Song dynasties (618-1279) as well as the “living fossil of ancient city street system”. After which they will spend 2 days in Beijing visiting Tienanmen Square, The Forbidden City, the Summer Palace finally The Great Wall of China a World Heritage Site and One of the Seven Wonders of the World.

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GIP – UGANDA (8 Days)

Dates: July / Available Seats: 10-15 / Classes:IX,X,XI

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SAI International School has a strong partnership with Gombe Group of Institutions located in Kampala Uganda. This partnership has been growing over the last few years and many international projects , ISA activities have been done between the schools. Each year a group of teachers and students from Gombe Junior School and St Andrews Kaggwa Gombe High School visit during SAIMUN each year. A group of delegates and performers grace us with their warm smiles and beautiful culture. Scooby -Doo Day Care and Nursery the Pre – Primary School of the Gombe Group also sends teachers each year towards professional development training and participation in a teacher to teacher shadowing programme sharing best practice in and out of the the classroom.

If you are interested in participating or have your ward participate in any of the GIPs mentioned above please contact:

Jessica Patnaik –  International Coordinator

office : 06747100200 ext.360

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