SAI International School became a SAT Examination Center in 2011 and has been conducting 4 – 6 exams each year according to the College Board international exam schedule. Till date over 600+ Universities hopefuls have taken the SAT at our center. Students interested in attending universities abroad specifically to the U.S.A. this exam is mandatory. many other Universities in Singapore, Canada, Australia and even 40 Universities in India all accept SAT towards college admissions.

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India Global Higher Education Alliance Members

The India Global Higher Education Alliance (IGA) is a group of more than 40 respected universities in and outside of India that are working to make it easier for all qualified Indian students, regardless of income, geography, or social class, to apply to and enroll in Indian universities and get a world-class education. The following Indian universities are members of the India Global Higher Education Alliance (IGA) and are committed to expanding access to high-quality higher education to all Indian students.

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The SAT is offered internationally in August, October, December, March, and May. SAT Subject Tests™ are available internationally in August, October, December, May, and June. In fall 2020, Subjects Tests are also available internationally in November.

Please contact our SAT Center Supervisor , Ms Jessica, with any questions via email at , or by phone (0674) 7100200 ext. 242 (10:30am – 5:00pm Monday – Friday).