saioneer exim new logoSAIONEER EXIM is a completely students ran  import and export  company. Each year it exchanges goods with corresponding student ran companies in UK and Uganda. A new Board of Directors is appointed each year. Students submit their applications by the end of June and the exchange of goods happens before UNWIND which is held in December. All the products they import form abroad are sold during UNWIND. Odisha handicrafts are usually the items that they export but it depends on the demands of the students company they are working with at the time.  Last year they exported Stoles and brightly coloured Kurta.


Weekly meeting with The Genuine Company from Gombe High School, Kampala, Uganda. Discussion on what items will be imported form Uganda.

Weekly international company meeting are held with partner companies via Skype. Not only do students familiarize themselves with each other they have a chance to do market research, complete purchase orders and talk about up-gradation of products to be traded. SAIONEER EXIM has a strong exchange with Uganda and have been importing items for several years.

International Company Meeting between BFPS, Finham High School, Midland UK