Global School Partnerships

ABOUT : SAI International School has several Global School Partnerships (GSP) with schools in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia. This programme provides guidance, professional development opportunities and a means for developing a global dimension within the curriculum of all participating schools. Some of these partnerships are at the early stages and some are embedded. All allow for SAI teachers and students to visit their partner school for up to 5 days. In reciprocation SAI hosts teachers and students from their partner schools each year. Another element of GSP is collaborative classroom activities, projects and virtual classes.  All the school listed below have signed partnership agreements with SAI International School outlining the work to be done annually.


Under the ongoing international student / teacher  exchange program we are in partnership with Chosen Hill School, Gloucester UK (Class VIII-X) and Winterbourne International Academy, Bristol, UK (Class XI-XII). Our students visit the schools every year in June (Chosen Hill) and October(Winterbourne International Academy) and similarly the students from the two partner schools visit SAI in the month of October – December . Our School is also in collaboration with the Churchdown Village Infant School, Gloucester , UK in which two pre-primary teachers visit the school to plan joint curricular activities that will embed a global dimension into both  schools’ curricula.

(Right) DR. B.K. Sahoo, SAI teachers and students visiting Chosen Hill School , Gloucester UK in 2014. (Left) Binati Misra and Rashmi Sahoo, teachers from SAI International School standing with their exchange group along with the Head teacher of Chosen Hill School UK.

October 2016 visit from our partner school Winterbourne International Academy , Bristol, UK . We enjoyed a traditional Indian welcome at front gate of SAI Intentional School, Partnership since 2012
Mrs. Rosy Patnaik , Kindergarten Teacher , SAI International School, visiting Churchdown Village Infant School. Dressing the students in traditional Indian attire. June 2016

United States of America

In 2015 SAI International School added  two new schools located in the United States of America. Farmington High School, Farmington, Connecticut and Highlands High  School, Fort Thomas, Kentucky We  conducted our first International Exchange programme to the USA forming life long ties and friendships. This will be an ongoing annual exchange and we look forward to seeing these partnerships grow in the next few years. We added a new school to our USA partner schools list in 2016 when SAI students and teachers visited Dr. Phillips High School in Orlando, Florida. During our visits we join in classroom activities, conduct a community service activity and spend 5 nights being hosted in the homes of students and teacher. 

Special Assembly at Farmington High School , Farmington CT, during our 1st visit in April 2015. An amazing experience for everyone who participated
Group Picture – SAI International School’s Visit to  Highland High School , Kentucky, USA during the GIP USA trip in 2015 
SAI Students pose for a picture with their hosts at Dr. Phillips High School after spending the day attending classes and presenting at a school assembly in May 2016

Uganda2016 introduced another country UGANDA. SAI INternational School has a budding partnership with Gombe Educational Brand, Kampala Uganda, this brand consists of three schools  St. Andrews Kaggwa Gombie High School and Gombie Junior School , and Scooby- Doo Daycare and Nursery. Visitors form all three school came in 2016. Teachers and Students  will be hosted annual by SAI International School during SAIMUN and we will be visiting their school in 2018. We are currently working on four British Council International School Award projects and will continue developing our partnership in the years to come. 

Students from Gombe Junior School, Kampala Uganda posing for a picture with Chairman  and Trustee of SAI International School along with Mr. Davis, Director Gombe Educational Brand , Mr Sammy , Principal, St. Andrews Kaggwa Gombe High School during SAIMUN 2016.

Peoples Republic of ChinaSAI International School signed its first MOU with a school in China on June 2, 2017. Fuzhou Foreign Languages School located in Fuzhou of Fujain Provence – China hosted our GIP Team for a day and partook in this monumental event. This MOU will include collaborative projects and students teacher exchange visits for the next 3 years.

Memorandum of Understanding between SAI International School and Fuzhou Foreign Languages School being signed by Mr. Yang Lihua, Vice  General Secretary and Vice Principal FFLS and Mrs. Jessica Patnaik , International Coordinator , SAI International School.


Group photograph with Head of Fuzhou Foriegn Languages School in Fujain Provance, China. SAI students are dressed in traditional Indian attire 

If you are interested in forming a Global School Partnership with SAI International School please email  Jessica Patnaik, International Coordinator at , with your request and we can start building a strong corroboration with your school in the near future. 

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