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REQUIRED EXAMS: Mandatory exams required for undergraduate admissions into all US Universities.

  1. SAT – Is a mandatory exam for undergraduate admissions into all US universities. Please find SAT Exam dates listed below. Create an account on the College Board Website at Select the date that best fits your schedule. Payment will be online and with a credit, please have it ready at the time of registration.

SAT (1)

SAI International School is a SAT Testing Center when registering for your SAT Exam please use our center number 63119 when asked to select a testing center during the time of registration. SAT Exam should be taken in Class XI during one of the October – December dates.

For any help with SAT, AP,  College Board, commonapp, UCAS  registrations please contact Jessica Patnaik  –

Click on this link to see international dates listed on the College Board website:

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 2. SAT Coaching (Optional)  – 6 week preparation course. Contact Jessica ma’am in the office for more information

  • Registration – will be announced during morning assembly
  • March – April Session – preparation for May & June SAT Exams
  • August – September Session – preparation for October – January SAT Exams

3. SAT Subject – (Optional) – This exam  is to showcase an area of specialty (Biology, Chemistry, Math, Literature, Physics, etc…). If applying for an Ivy League University (Penn State, Harvard, UCLA, Berkley etc…) you must take three SAT Subject Exams to meet minimum requirements. Register on

  • Register online at
  • Select date (SAT Subject can not be taken on the same date as a SAT Exam)
  • Payment is online with a credit card

4. Advance Placement  – Subject wise exams that help you test out of college courses while still in High School. Each exam is worth college credits and can put you ahead of the competition. Follow this link to fins out the different types of courses available-

th (1)

5. TOEFL / IELTS– Mandatory English Exams for undergraduate admissions into US Universities. Two exams  are available and student must decide which one they are more suited for.

toefl dates

6. Make and account on BridgeU. This will help Manage your university and careers guidance on one platform. All the resources and support to ensure your guidance curriculum delivers the best possible outcomes for both your students and your school. Helps  students discover new international destinations. BridgeU uses data from over 28,000 global institutions to give personalised university and course recommendations. Take the stress out of application season by doing everything from one place.  Review students’ application essays, collaborate with teachers on reference letters and send documents to universities directly from BridgeU.

if need any help with your BridgeU account please  contact  – Shweta Chhoudhury , email

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APPLYING FOR UNIVERSITIES: this should be done in June – October of your Senior Year (Class XII) on  the  Common Application Common-App-LogoSteps 

  • Selection of universities – please have a list of your selected US Universities ready (it is suggested that you apply at 5-6 Universities). This process would have been done in step 3 using the UNIVARIETY tool. The same list of universities will have to be selected here once again on commonapp.
  • Choose Ten extracurricular and academic activities – commonapp will require you to mention ten activities on your application.
  • Write a Short Essay of 650 words – during the application process on commonapp you will be asked to prepare a short essay on a given topic. six different essay questions are mentioned and you have to pick the one you are most comfortable with.
  • Give Your Personal details – commonapp will ask you many personal details about your family, living conditions, economic standing etc..

If you need any help filling in your commonapp application please speak to Jessica Patnaik  –



REQUIRED EXAMS: Mandatory exams required for undergraduate admissions into all UK Universities.


  1. IELTS – Mandatory English Exam for undergraduate admissions into UK Universities.

British Council Center Bhubaneswar  –  One Horizon Centre 6th floor, Golf Course road – 43 DLF Phase -V, Bhubaneswar Odisha Tel: 0120-4569000 / 0120-6684353,  Mon-Sat 09.00 to 18.00, Email:, Website:

Next 3 Test Dates:   October 24 , 2020 / November 21, 2020 

2. Cambridge and Oxford Admissions Test : If students are interested in apearing for the Cambridge and Oxford University Admissions tests including BMAT, CAT, MAT, ELAT, IMAT, PAT, STEP etc… These entry exams need to be completed in either Sept or November in Class XII.

Test  Center – SAI International School

Center Supervisor – Binati Misra –  language


If you need any help please contact with your ILETS or Cambridge Assessment Tests registrations please contact Binati.  

APPLYING FOR UNIVERSITIES: this should be done in June – October of your Senior Year (Class XII)

  1. Create your portfolio on . Complete and submit UCAS application by October 15 (early decision),  January 1 (regular decision ). Your commonapp account will pull your school records from your SIS Naviance portfolio as they are linked. Please contact Jessica Ma’am in the office if you need help with your commonapp application.Your commonapp will require the following ;


Deadlines for UCAS submission:
1 September Applications open for next year entry.
15 October

15 January

Deadline for Medical and Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

Deadline for all other UK and EU applicants.

30 June Deadline for all other international applicants. (We advise you to apply by 15 January but will accept applications until 30 June.)

Your UCAS application will require the following ;

  • Transcripts –  This is compiled from class 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th mid year report cards. This will be done by the Naviance counselor.
  • Letter of Recommendation (LOR) – from selected teachers, counselors and schools heads as per your requirement. Please submit and application in the office mentioning which teacher, counselor or school head you need an LOR from.
  • Predicted Grades – this document will created by your CIL or Vice Principal with the help of your Naviance counselor. Please submit a predicted grades application in the office.
  • School Profile Report – given by the Naviance counselor.
  • Statement of Purpose – written by student high lighting why they are a good candidate to go abroad fro higher education.

If you need any help filling in or submitting your UCAS Application please contact Jessica Patnaik –



REQUIRED EXAMS: If you mention that you have taken any of the following exams then you need to submit the results at the time of application submission- IELTS, TOEFL, SAT and SAT Subject Test scores, AP, ACT etc..

nus-og-logoLink to National Singapore University international applications webpage:

Application Deadline for both NUS and NTU

Indian Standard 12 (CBSE, ISC and Stateboards) 31 March 3 April Mid-July


Link to Nanyang Technological University international applicants webpage:


  • National level High school examination results slip (if applicable)
  • School examination results slip e.g. Year 11 High School transcripts/ SPM/ IGSCE/ Indian Standard 10
  • Additional results slip (if scores are indicated in application form) e.g. IELTS, TOEFL, SAT and SAT Subject Test scores, AP, ACT etc.
  • Passport / Birth Certificate / Identification Card (clearly reflecting your Full Name and Date of Birth): Preferably your passport as it will be required for international travel and it has all the recommended details
  • Medical report(s): if you have or had any illnesses or disabilities (if applicable)