Kids For Peace

Kids for Peace PNG finalSAI International School became a Kindness Certified School in 2015 and annually participates in the Great Kindness Challenge in the month of January. Students from KG I – VIII complete a list of 50 acts of kindness in one week. They can earn a Kindness Certificate by completing 40 of the 50 acts. SAI became the first Kids for Peace (KFP) Chapter in India in 2015 and conducts regular peace activities every month.

KFP 2016 -2017

We link up with other Kids for Peace Chapters abroad and join forces in promoting peace on a global scale. We have several classroom projects between KFP chapters in Sweden, USA, UK and Uganda. We even mentor our global partner schools towards joining our chapter or opening a chapter of their own. Projects can be anything from exchange of letters to poster making competitions and are only limited to the chapter leader’s imagination and available resources.

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We have KFP Chapter links with Gombe Group of Institutions located in Kampala Uganda, Futuraskolan International School of Stockholm, Sweden and Notre Dame Academy Elementary School in Los Angeles California.

Our Kids for Peace Chapter also leads the schools community service initiatives and has been highlighted several times on the Kids for Peace Facebook public and private pages. Participating in such activities is a sure way to inculcate empathetic values in our students. It allows them to plan and implement social connect activities. SAI believes in building ties through global peace initiatives as part of UNESCO’S Sustainable Development Goals, specifically goal # 16 which highlights peace building activities with distinct social impacts.