SAIONEERS Strengthen UK School Partnerships


Each year SAI International school plans an extensive Global Immersion Programme to Visit our partner Schools in UK. During this fun filled trip students not only have an opportunity to expand their global knowledge and exposure but also build their leadership and team work skills as they travel to a foreign country with a group of their peers.  Till date SAI International School has sent an average of  10 – 15 students and teachers to the UK each year  and in reciprocation we host them at SAI in March and November usually.

Report Day 1 – June 9, 2019  by

The GIP UK trip started on the 8th of June 2019. We flew from Bhubaneswar and landed in Kolkata. After that we checked in the International Terminal. The immigration process was a learning for our children. They were familiarized with the kinds of questions and procedures.

Then we enjoyed a lovely flight by the Emirates to Dubai. There we reached around midnight. We had to check in For the connecting flight to London Heathrow. After a really long flight we landed in Heathrow around 7.30 in the morning. The emigration took a while with the long rush in Heathrow airport. After a quick breakfast in M&S we drove down to our Travelodge hotel. We then visited the Gloucester Cathedral. It was a 6th century monastery that got converted to a Cathedral. The window, the walls, the tombs spoke volumes of historical realities. The areas and corridors where the Harry Potter movie was pictured was a special attraction for the children.

Then we enjoyed a ride in a double-decker bus and explored the local areas. The pleasant evening ended with a short meeting planning for the next day. Finally we retired for the day, waiting for a new day to start, with our visit to schools in the UK.

Report Day 2 – June 10, 2019  by  

It was a pleasant morning. We woke up at 6:30am and got freshened up . We left the Travelodge hotel at 7:45 to go to Chosen hill School. The school’s van had come to pick us up. It was a 10 mins drive. After reaching the school we headed to the reception. The school is very huge and beautiful. It was quite cold here. We met the deputy head Mrs. Sally Allens who took us to the meeting room. We sat there for 15 mins .


She offered us some breakfast. We gifted her souvenirs from India. Each of the students shadowed a Chosen Hill School student and attended classes. Later the students were divided into three groups and they went to three different classes to work collaboratively on the three ISA projects of SIS and SIRS.

The year 8 students worked on the project Beyond curriculum and created drama script, rehearsed and presented them. The class IX SIRS students worked on their ISA project Teens have Wings while the class X students worked on the SIRS project climate change. We told them about the climate changes that happens in India. We had a good time interacting with them . A worksheet about climate change was given to them . We helped them solve the worksheet. At 11 am we were taken to the canteen. We had some pizza and chicken burgers. Meanwhile, we made many new friends.

We had a nice time meeting them. Right after our food we came to another Year 10 classroom and presented about the same thing. Here we explained them in our own way by giving them many examples. They asked us many questions about our school. We had a great time answering them.  After the bell rang we went to have lunch. It was 1:15 pm . We had hot dogs and pretzels. It was very tasty.  After our food it was time to leave the school . We left and headed to the Churchdown Village Infant school. We met the head teacher Ms Julie Guest who showed us her school. Our bonding with the school is very nice. We spent around 30 mins there. We saw the little kids how they were engrossed and focused with their activities. We really enjoyed ! After spending some precious time there we went to the  Gloucester Quays. We took some photos in the drizzling rain. Then we went to the Gloucester Rugby ground which is one of the largest of its kind in the country. We had a quick glance of the stadium, it was cool. We then went back to Travelodge hotel , got freshened up and went to the supermarket “ASDA”. We bought some food for the next days breakfast. We returned back to the hotel and had dinner at Harvesters . We ate British food, “Fish and Chips” . It was delicious. It was late so we came back to our rooms after dinner . We packed our bags for the next day and slept.

Report Day 4 – June 11, 2019  by Arnav Dhanawat Class XII

The day started with chilly winds and light drizzle, we had dressed up with the traditional dresses of States Of India. The school bus came to pick us up for the school and in the school we presented about our country and school in front of Year 6 girls and then we had an interactive session with them in which we got to know many things about them, their families, their interests and also about their school days and we also shared many facts about India to them. After that we left for Oxford University.

It was raining a bit heavier and we had a good lunch in McDonald’s, after that we started exploring the different colleges of the Oxford University starting with the Balliol College with a tour guide.We were told about the history of the college and we also saw their dining hall where all the students come for having meals and the chapel as well. We also saw the Bodleian Library which is only used by students of Balliol. We went to the famous Trinity College and there we learnt about it’s foundation by Thomas Pope and we saw their dining area too. We saw the Sheledonian Theatre which is a place for graduation ceremonies of the Trinity College and then we went for shopping in Oxford high Street and bought souvenirs. We came back to the hotel, happy but tired,gathered together to plan for the next day and went to bed.

Report Day 5 – June 12, 2019 by  Mustafa and Ayushman of class IX

We started the day with last minute packing and a quick breakfast. We checked out of the Travelodge and went to Bath in 2 vehicles. The drive down the valley in drizzling rain was wonderful!! The herds of sheep in the fields, the shades of green, the painted cottages, just reminded us of pictures from our childhood story book. After reaching Bath, We quickly put the luggage in the Bath Townhouse and headed for the Welton Primary School . When we reached the school , the Headteacher Mr. John Snell heartily welcomed us. Their children sang a beautiful song to welcome us n welcome a sunshine. Then, We presented the costumes of the different states of India and told the students about India and our school. Post that we introduced #SHER KHAN The Globe trotter!! We shared his travel plans n the children were thrilled to meet Sheru!!

After that we presented our ISA project, ‘Mind Your Money ‘ to the students of Year 3 and Year 4. We also interacted with the students and answered their questions about  India and Indian currency. We then went for lunch with the Headteacher and other students. Then we went with the students to their playground and played with them, which was quite fun. After this there was a story telling session, where we narrated stories of  Sheru Khan the Globe Trotter and read Sheru’s story to the young kids!! It was a very interactive session, where they wanted to know whether we have real tigers in our country n they were so inquisitive to understand about India!!

The Headteacher then wished us good luck and presented us some mementos, batches of Welton Wizards – a recognition in their school and some beautiful collection of their hand painted pictures. We returned from the school by late afternoon and went to the  Roman Bath.
We explored the place, the source of hot spring, the statues, the glimpses of history, there was an audio guide to guide us through. We also did some shopping of the quaint and antique pieces n came back to townhouse by around 8:00pm. We went for a Chinese  dinner and returned to Townhouse. Tomorrow will be a new day!! The learning continues…

Report Day 6 – June 13, 2019 by Delwin Mathews

This morning we left Bath and headed towards London and reached Latymer School at 12 noon We were taken to the theatre by a teacher and they arranged a good presentation for us followed by a musical performance by the students of the school. Then they explained about different programs that they have like ‘unwind’ ‘bounce’ and a lot more. Just after that we showed our school video and the CSP projects video. We were then paired with their students who took on a school tour and lunch.
Their school was very big. They had a lot of clubs as well as  a lot of labs for different purposes. They learned instruments, art, swimming, and other outdoor activities.. They also had a gym. Finally by 2:30 PM  we left the school and directly went to our hotel the London Central Travelodge , that was about 5 minutes from the school.. We checked in and dumped all our bags in the room and  after about an hour, left for some shopping…. We boarded a metro and went to Primark, where we did shopping for about 1 Hour and 30 minutes .We completed our shopping and boarded the metro  back to our hotel. On our way back we got into an Indian restaurant and had our dinner.. We came out by 8(took about an hour) and finally we came back to hotel and after being so tired, we all slept so fast.
Report Day 7 – June 14, 2019 by Anshuman Rath
The SAI group was excited and happy as today we were supposed to visit many attractions in London.We were also sad that the trip was getting over. We went to Madam Tussaud’s first and spent around two hours there.IT was a marvelous experience for all of us. We then moved to the Westminster Square in a bus and then had a great experience in the London Eye.This was followed by the Shrek adventure visit after having lunch. The next was the cruise ride on the river Thames which was really exciting and also the commentator described the history of London and hence we gained a lot of knowledge. By evening we were tired and so decided to order Pizzas and spent the evening having fun as it was the last evening in UK. This trip will be a memorable experience for all of us.
Report Day 8
Day 9 and 10 -17th and 18th June 2019
The 10 days GIP to UK concluded on a happy note.On 17th morning we all hurried to the Heathrow airport as we were equally excited to meet our family and share the wonderful experience we had.The long flight to Kolkata started at 2.30 pm via Dubai airport.This is one of the most beautiful airports of the world.We reached Kolkata and went out to the city to spend some time as our flight was in the evening.
Not very long but filled with enriching experience the group returned back home happy after 10 days of fun and frolic.

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