International Youth Day “A Step Forward”- a global conversation on mental health.

Opening Session with over 300 participants from 10 countries

Each year the Going Global Club of SAI International School conducts an event called International Youth Day (IYD). They choose a topic of importance to the youth, talk about the issues and try to bring about a change in the minds of the people and how they feel about it. Annually IYD happens at a public place where audiences from all over the city join us for our cause. The event usually includes band performance fun games and activities to dance performance, all with the motive of enhancing our public service announcement on the topic. Due to the pandemic we had to postpone our event this year and with COVID 19  restrictions we resolved to host our event on an online platform, but on the bright side, the pandemic has given us the opportunity to invite youth from all over the world and be a part of this year’s cause. This virtual event was held on  November 15, 2020 Timing 11:00AM – 6:00PM (IST).  We invited Round Square Schools from the following regions: South Asia and the Gulf, Europe and Mediterranean, Middle East, Africa and Australia and East Asia and so far we have a confirmation of 270 participants, from 23 Schools from 10 countries,  including Australia, Oman, UAE, Pakistan, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Japan, UK and India. The conference will be open for students of classes 9 – 12 and up to 15 students per school. 

The topic this year is A Step Forward: A Global Conversation on Mental Health. The purpose aims to create a level of awareness and understanding about mental health and well being that is particularly relevant in today’s trying times. It will create a positive safe space where people of different cultures and experiences come together to share their views and ideas and create ways to overcome these issues. At the end of the conference all the ideas will be compiled into an e-book and will be shared between all participating schools. Besides the Opening and Closing Sessions students will break out into smaller groups called Barazzas. The theme for the Barazzas groups are focused on mental health issues faced by today’s youth, themes includeBody Image, OCD, Bullying, Self-esteem, PTSD, ADHD, Gender Bias, COVID 19, Depression, Racial Stereotypes, Anxiety, Parentification. During the Barazza participants will have open discussions on mental health issues they are facing in their respective country they will have short debates and write a resolution on how to bring light to mental health issues in their homes and local communities.
This event will also have a focus on the Round Square IDEALS of Internationalism and Leadership by connecting students globally, encouraging and educating them to be mental health warriors in their youth communities and friend circles. Many of the Round Square Discoveries will also be inclusive of this programme including Communication skills, Inquisitiveness, Appreciation of diversity, Ability to solve problems, Sense of responsibility, Courage, Self awareness, Teamwork, Compassion. 

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