SAIMUN 2014- with delegates from 11 different countries including China, Kenya, United States of America, Tunisia, Egypt, Bangladesh, Russia, Germany, United Kingdom, Marocco and UAE

International Dimension

The world has become a global village and we can see many changes in every field including education, social economic involvement, the need for peace building between countries and cultures and the need to device methods of inclusive adaptability. Changing for development, for growth, for prosperity and for the greater cause is the need of the hour. Be it national laws, personal security, economy, social welfare or education, change is inevitable and irrevocable.

When we think of educational patterns and their changes and commend global systems of pedagogy that have adjusted as per the requirements of the each new generation. Forcing policy makers to frame new curriculum accordingly.

In order to stay competitive school leaders need to introspect the existing global education platforms and face the challenges of educating young people in today’s ever changing world. SAI has a clear vision and mission to help children understand the growing changes and diversities happening all around them.  We aim to equip our teachers with the tools necessary to help our students develop keen roles and responsibilities in shaping a better World. Global education is the term used to describe a form of education which enables students to think globally, act locally and link their own lives with those of their counterparts in other countries, making well rounded Global Citizens.

Global Dimension @ SAI

The School takes ample initiatives to provide its students with quality international exposures. Each student will have some sort of international exposure weather it be    SAI is part of the British Council Global School Partnership program thereby inculcating a global dimension into the curriculum. SAI International School has been involved with the ISA program since 2009 and received the ISA for 2010-13 and 2014-2017 and again in 2017 – 2020. Participation in this program has had a tremendous impact on whole School development while inculcating a commitment to global learning in our students. They are engaged in a wide range of collaborative international projects  enabling them to make links between their locality and the rest of the world. Our students are more confident learners, exposed to cross cultural issues which have helped them develop their skills of adaptability. Global skills like self-awareness, empathy, creative thinking, critical thinking, collaborating, and communication skills have been  deeply inculcated in our students.

Not only the students but also the teachers have had ample scope to sharpen their skills of planning, organizing, collaborating, using technology and documenting their work. They design their lessons plans with an International dimension. The School leadership team has great exposure through the several orientation programs they attend which are conducted by the British Council. The annual exchange visits to the four partner schools in UK, has had colossal impact on the students and teachers.

The School is recognized by the British Council as an Ambassador School and we are spreading the concept of Internationalism to the neighborhood schools as local facilitators.

Our students participate in International competitions and have won laurels for the School. The School was the only school in the world with two winning entries in the world wide calendar painting contest on the theme “Paint the world” organized by the British Council (UK). The first and ninth winners were from our School.

Our student also won the super stamp prize in the Stamp design challenge organized by British Council & Royal Mail- UK in the year 2011 among schools across the globe on the theme “Friendship through sports & games”.

This year we are participating in the School Enterprise Challenge and the Cambridge English Centenary Competition for Schools 2013.We are active participants of all the connecting classroom Schools online activities.

The School hosted the British Council Young Global Citizen’s Summit, in January 2012, which was a National Level students camp, 460 students and teachers from 115 schools and from every corner of the country stayed in the campus and participated in the workshops conducted by big names of UK like BBC World class, Tony Blair Faith Foundation, Big Dance, Youth Music Voices, Royal Shakespeare Company etc.

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